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Year of birth : 2001

Age: 14

Place of birth : Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyThe background of this team started in October 2000, when out of the "Rage Against The Machine" left frontman Zack De La Rocha. The remaining trio did not stop their activities, and, cutting up the name "Rage", continued the work.

On the role of the singer tried a lot of people, including B- Real of the "Cypress Hill",but none of them came in style, while on the horizon there was Rick Rubin with his idea. Renowned producer offered to the musicians to jam along with the former head of "Soundgarden" Chris Cornell and see what happens. It was very even nothing, and the quartet formed in May 2001 proceeded to the studio. Within a month, the band recorded 21 songs, but then the process stalled. As explained later, the musicians, all the fault of managers have been exerted on them too much pressure. The case ended up in April 2002, Cornell slammed the door, and the planned performance of the team in the " Ozzfest " was canceled.

AudioslaveVprochem ,"Divorce" did not last long, and after the team signed a contract with a new managerial company "The Firm", all disputes were settled, and Chris returned to his seat. The group is now called "Audioslave," and in August 2002, under this name they released their first single, "Cochise", a song dedicated to the legendary Indian chief. Two months later, the firm "Epic Records" released the debut polnometrazhki. The album pretty quickly reached platinum mark, but at the same time caused contradictory responses. Some critics have represented the group as a bunch of wealthy musicians ever sobachaschihsya with each other over the sound prodyusa ,while others compared the "Audioslave" to "Led Zeppelin" and talked about introducing them into the modern mainstream so missing the spirit of the `70s.

Whatever it was, but when the team went on a world tour, reviews of her live performances have always been positive. Concert popularity "Audioslave" was so great,that during the tour "Lollapalooza" team eclipsed the headline "Jane`s Addiction".

Audioslave After a year of intense touring followed by a break, and then the work began LP with new songs. In the spring of 2005, the team conducted a break in the fresh material in a small club tour, which passed with the notorious notices. A little later, "Audioslave" became the first American rock band, played a gig in Cuba (the audience was about 70,000 spectators) . Such a historic event was captured on video and in October 2005 released on DVD. second album, "Out of Exile" was released on May 24 this year. The disc debuted at the first position in the charts "Billboard",and the singles "Be Yourself", "Your Time Has Come" and "Doesn`t Remind Me" immediately resounded in the air of US radio stations. In the last of these songs, " Audioslave " were subsequently nominated for " Grammy " in the category "Best Hard Rock Performance".

In the fall of 2005, the band made their first North American tour as headliners, and in 2006-m with producer Brendan O`Brien went to prepare their third album, tentatively titled "Revelations".

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