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Citizenship : United States


Dan Layus, vocals, piano ,guitar

Josiah Rosen, lead guitar, vocals

Jared Palomar, bass guitar, keyboards, vocals

Justin South, drums

Journey breaks type of internal structure that we have. Removing our foundation, deprivation of masks. And we are completely on the surface.

- Albert Camus

Debut Augustana "All Stars And Boulevards" - the rite of truth ,aisle airplanes and an album full acclimatization, New Yrka, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, and San Diego, and maybe the most important moments of introspection in the gaps. But first. .. Greenville, Illinois.

Growing up on the West Coast, Dan Layus singer landed at the College of Greenville Illinois, where he majored in music.Then Dan met Josiah Rosen, they felt the same passion in the creation of groups like Counting Crows and Radiohead. They started playing together and called themselves the Augustana, a name suggested to Josiah, which translates from the Latin ` a small look at nadezhdu.` (" We were not 100 % sure about this, " says Dan with a laugh. " We have tried it. ")

Then,after vsupleniya Jared Palomar (keyboards) , Augustana recorded a few songs that came to play. Frustrated by the school and the complete lack of adrenaline, which is produced by the things made, regardless of anyone rash Dan and Josiah decided by the end of the fall semester of 2004 that their future was not associated with Greenville,they came to move to California and try to do Augustana powerful than associated with the college.

"I was not happy at the school, I failed, and just kept thinking that I`m a man, I know that music for me - not just a part of it," says Dan Jared was more cautious regarding throwing school. but I decided to join the duo six weeks later and moved from keyboards to lead guitar. One lacked Augustana - drummer. Then Josiah heard from mutual friends that South Justin was a free agent, he wrote to him that if he wants to, they can see and try to play along.

"I wrote on their website ,I want to meet and I thought it was terrific, " says Justin. " I thought, these sounds if signed by a group that should play together for a long time. When I found them, their material was completely unique. All they have done themselves, it is conveyed me away. "

When Justin was playing with the band for the first time, it was clearhe was in his place. " I worked on their songs with them," says Justin. " And then we just looked each other and I do not know, this is really felt. There was no awkwardness, no one told me how to play. It was a homogeneous mass. "

Justin wrote on his development Augustana website. They made such an impression ,that Justin was called immediately. ("I think the first words fly out of his mouth were, when we start working ? " Justin said with a laugh) . During the first months of their common work, Augustana played in New York and Los Angeles for the major labels. After signing to Epic,four were represented by the first rock producer Brendan O`Brien (Bruce Spingsteen, Pearl Jam).

The band entered the studio with songs Layus, and recorded in the other local performance in three years. Composing home ("Bullets" "Hotel Roosevelt"), there has been a landslide buoyancy. Written on the road ("Stars and Boulevards" "Mayfield"), had a greater hardness.So easy you can see your life from a distance when you`re a mile away from home.

"There are a lot of passing ," reported by Dan, " an album many beginnings and endings, defects and landing, many are looking for a house and can not find him, for this there are many reasons. I was looking for a house in person. This is a real love or just one I have in my head. I want to conclude last song concluded, but I still believe it myself. "In his Atlanta studio, O`Brien helped the group to enter into the sound rock fusion of European and American organic. " Everything changes, but they really love what they listen to. But I think that we sometimes correspond, " says Dan.

More importantly for O`Brien, prevent them ,it is easy to convey authenticity, which determines the four members of the group. " If you listen to the album, all sound blots - not all so smoothly, " says Dan. " It is -. Just naturally there are errors Brendan wanted to show the reality of this and that the same has been important for us is to try and get that live sound. ".

Result - albumwhich has the flavor a lot of things, it is able to completely leave their own. All the Stars and Boulevards is not trying to recreate or simulate. Augustana is never needed. They always remained safely on the surface itself.

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