Picture of Augustines

Year of birth : 2010

Age : 5 years

Birthplace : Brooklyn, NewNew York, USA

Citizenship : United States

The tragic story with a good ending

`Augustines` - American indie rock band formed in 2010 in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York). The band was named after the last summer month, but over time the band changed their name to the `We Are Augustines`, explaining that ,that the music scene already have teams with their original name. In August 2013, the band decided to go back to basics and re- naming began performing under the `Augustines`.

The sound and the band`s style is markedly different from other American indie rock groups. It is dominated by guitar, clear beat, but the most important thing - it is the vocals ,sounding in the best traditions of rock : with a share of tragedy and despair, with hoarseness and echo continues to sound in the ears, even after the end of the song. The musicians say that, despite the fact that their work is dominated by the tragedy, and the texts of most of the songs are extremely pessimistic, they do not want to dwell on the problems ,but trying hard to look ahead.

`Augustines` were founded in 2010 by three friends in Brooklyn : Billy McCarthy (Billy McCarthy), Eric Sanderson (Eric Sanderson) and Rob Allen (Rob Allen). Billy and Eric had known each other since high school and even played together in a fairly popular band `Pela`, which izthe constant quarrels with the participants and the manager could not record an album. Around the same time, Billy`s mother died, and his brother James (James) had committed suicide. ` Group has not experienced the storm and slowly tonula` - told Eric in an interview.

In 2010-year Eric and Billy broke off contacts with the group and began working on recording songs written by them earlier. When albombyl almost ready, the guys decided to repeat the recording, as the songs were not strong enough and did not produce the desired effect on the listener. Thus, almost 80 % of the album was completely removed and overwritten during the next months.The album became quite known for his work with `Broken Social Scene` Newfield Dave (Dave Newfield). Shortly before the release of the album the band announced that Rob Allen took the position of a permanent drummer.

June 6, 2011, the year they released their first album `Rise Ye Sunken Ships`, available for download from the service ` iTunes`.Soon after, on August 23 of the same year, the album appeared on store shelves in the United States (Unites States), Canada (Canada), Australia (Australia) and New Zealand (New Zealand). In the fall of 2011 the band went on tour in the UK (United Kingdom) in support of their debut album.The album itself received critical acclaim `The Sun` and ` Music Fix`, and the first song from the album - `Book of James` - was named best single ` nedeli`. According to the band, the record means to them a lot, because most of the songs was written after the death of relatives McCarthy, so any changes in the text and the music is very vazhnydlya him.` I think the group - an example of what everyone always gets better, that suddenly new opportunities in front of you. We are young, full of energy, we are ready to live and enjoy life. I think the fans see it in our vystupleniyah`.

In summer, a video was released of 2011 for the song

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