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Citizenship : United States

Biography`Aurelio Costarella` - Australian- American fashion label created by designer Aurelio Kostarelloy (Aurello Costarella).

This label consists of two divisions ; one is engaged in production of finished garments, the other specializes in couture dresses from. Initially the label was selling clothes in Western Australia; furthermore, however,label managed to reach the international level, and earn yourself a pretty solid reputation.

In 2007, `Costarella Design Limited` debuted on the Australian Stock Exchange (Australian Stock Exchange); Kostarella became the first in the Green Continent officially registered individual designer. Aurelio is a regular speaker at Fashion Week in New York (New York Fashion Week); take it there consistently warm.

More recently, `Costarella Design Limited` entered into a strategic alliance with a company that produces professional-grade cosmetics -` Nuovi Cosmetics`. Together they have developed a new line of tools for the care of skin and body ,Remember first of all its characteristic odor.

Products label `Aurelio Costarella` sold virtually throughout Australia (Australia); many stores have label and outside the country - Los Angeles (Los Angeles) and New York (New York), Toronto (Toronto) and Italy (Italy), Kuwait (Kuwait) and Riyadh (Riyadh),Jakarta (Jakarta) and New Zealand (New Zealand).

Product label managed to pay tribute to Rihanna (Rihanna) and Ali Larter (Ali Larter), Dita Von Teese (Dita von Teese) and Mellis

George (Melissa George), Eva Mendes (Eva Mendes) and Tyra Banks (Tyra Banks), Lauren Conrad (Lauren Conrad) and Anna Ortiz (Anna Oritz),Michelle Williams (Michelle Williams) and Emma Roberts (Emma Roberts), Adelaide Clemens (Adelaide Clemens) and Kate Ritchie (Kate Ritchie), Natalie Blair (Natalie Blair) and Zoe Ventura (Zoe Ventoura).

The distinctive features of the label are considered unique design, commitment to comply with all the possible aesthetic standards and the most painstaking selection of materials. Very often Aurelio Kostarella uses absolutely exclusive products in their finery fabric ; with their help, he manages to create a modern and at the same time is absolutely timeless masterpieces of design art.

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