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Year of birth : 1994

Age: 21 year

Citizenship : United States


For the first time Aurora Borealis concept appeared in 1994, when guitarist / vocalist Ron Vento was playing with Atlanta in the death metal act Lestregus Nosferatus.

He collaborated with the band, because he wanted to follow a different style, was looking for a different lyrical approach to music. After nepriryvnyh searches performers in Atlanta Ron sent to Tampa (Florida) , where is the drummer Tony Laureano. Together with him in May 1996, he recorded the first MCD "Mansions Of Eternity". All vocal, guitar and bass parts were played by Ron`a, since he had already disappointed to find suitable musicians.CD was recorded at Morrisound studios and combined Scott`om Burns`om, and after already received a good review in the world.

Then Ron moved to Maryland and began working on material for the next CD. At this time, Tony Laureno was busy with other projects, so his place was taken by Derek Roddy. Thus Derek participated in many recordingsAt this time, for example, Malevolent Creation`s "In Cold Blood". With the band collaborated takzhebassist Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert. Since the new CD "Praise the Archaic Lights Embrace" was recorded in October and November 1997. And the record again and the disc release will cover the band due to the fact that the proposals received the wound, were not profitable.CD again with storms worldwide metal scene and sold within a few months.

The third contribution of "Northern Lights" was recorded and issued later Nightsky Studios. This CD was also funded by the band, and later Die Hard Music (Denmark) re-released it with five bonus tracks from the "Praise".

After the success of CD Northern Lights,Ron`u again had to look for a new drummer, because Derek could not combine the recording of the album and work in Hate Eternal, so his place was taken by Tim Yeung. The new CD "Time, Unveiled" was more brutal than the previous creations. Again CD released Nightsky studio in the US, and Die Hard Music -in Europe.

Members of Aurora BorealisCurrent Members:

Ron Vento (Founder) . In the group : 1994 -. Role in the group : Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

Side projects : Lestregus Nosferatus

Tim Yeung (Guest). In the group : 2000 -. Role in the group : Drums

Side projects : Vital Remains, Agiel, Hate Eternal, Decrepit Birth, Council of the Fallen

Former members :

Derek Roddy (Guest). Period : 1997 - 2000. Role in the group : the Drums

Side projects : Council Of The Fallen, Divine Empire, Hate Eternal, Malevolent Creation, Nile, Internecine, Deboning Method

Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert (Guest). Period : 1997 - 1998. Role in the group : the Bass

Side projects : An Angel`s Shame, As The Sea Parts, Rain Fell Within

Tony Laureano (Guest). Period : 1996 - 1996. Role in the group : the Drums

Side projects : Acheron, Angel Corpse, Dimmu Borgir, God Dethroned, Malevolent Creation, Nil

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