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Year of birth: 2001

Age: 15 years

Citizenship: United StatesAutolux: Alternative trio

Founded in 2001 ,the trio released two full-length albums, `Future Perfect` and` Transit Transit`, and is preparing to release the third, `Pussy`s Dead`. Autolux eclectic sound is made up of such areas as post-punk and krautrock, and leads to comparisons with bands such as Can, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine.

Autolux formed in Los Andelese ,California (Los Angeles, California). Goreshter Eugene (Eugene Goreshter) and Carla Azar (Carla Azar) met when composing musical material for the play Dario (Dario Fo) ` Death of an Anarchist accident sluchaya` (` Accidental Death of an Anarchist`).

Azar and third party Autolux, Greg Edwards (Greg Edwards),met during the last tour with his band Failure. New trio debuted on the scene in August of 2001. In March of that year, the guys released their own mini-album `Demonstration`. Work on the contract Autolux began with a small label `DMZ`, established TimorBone Burnet (T-Bone Burnett) and the Coen brothers.

In November 2002 ,Autolux came to the studio to record their first full-length album, `Future Perfect`, and the first developments were ready by January, 2003. Since Burnet coveted `live zvuchaniya` on the record, the trio continued to saturate the finished tracks, playing in his studio` Space 23`.Song `Asleep at the Trigger`, for example,is fully recorded in the `Space 23`. Ready album was released September 21, 2004, GOI has won the praise of critics in general.

The trio went on tour in support of the `Future Perfect` in 2005 and played with bands such as The White Stripes, Broadcast, Clinic and Deerhoof. In April, 2005-of the team performed at the festival `All Tomorrow`s Parties` in London (London), and in May - the festival` Koachella`.

In January 2006, Autolux has acted on the rating talk show `Jimmy Kimmel live efire` (` Jimmy Kimmel Live! `). A month later, the trio recorded the melody `Tears for an Inhaler` for the exhibition` Sonic Scenery`,held in LosAngeles Museum of Natural History.

In June 2006, Autolux contacted James Lavelle (James Lavelle), participant Unkle musical project, to collaborate on his next composition. The group recorded a track with an acoustic guitar and simple bits issued by a drum machine. The new song, `Persons & Machinery`,created by applying different tracks and vocals, he joined Unkle album titled `War Stories`.

April 30, 2007 th Unkle project has released a limited edition remix album, vinyl `Surrender Sounds Session Session # 3

& # 4`, which included a remix of `Turnstile Blue` album` Future Perfect` Autolux group.Song `Turnstile Blue` was used in the movie` The Air I dyshu` (`The Air I Breathe`).

In August 2007, Autolux has played at the event `Sunset Junction Street Fair` in Silver Lake, California (Silver Lake, Cal.), And in December received an invitation from the band Portishead perform at the festival` All Tomorrow`s Parties`. Known for its spectacular lighting systems used on stage, the trio Autolux proposed in 2007 to purchase equipment used during his tour in 2005, any interested person. The offer was made at the official Autolux and eBay website.

In May 2008, Autolux played at the festival `Primavera Sound` in Barcelona, ??Spain (Barcelona, ?? Spain),and in June joined the tour in Russia (Russia) singer PJ Harvey (PJ Harvey). In September of the same year, the trio took part in the festival `ATP` in Monticello, New York (Monticello, New York).

In September 2009, Autolux finished his first tour, in which the main focus was on the band hits, for the United States.When in 2009 it became known that all existing available copy of `Future Perfect` sold out, the band re-released the album on vinyl. Restarting has been entrusted to the label `Autolux Music Entertainment`. More recently, in 2015, `Future Perfect` album was reissued once again - the record company` The Autolux Empire`.

In March of 2010 ,Thom Yorke (Thom Yorke) Autolux asked to speak at the opening act of the supergroup Atoms for Peace at the site of `Santa Barbara Bowl` in Santa Barbara, California (Santa Barbara, Cal.). In May, 2010 -Autolux first recorded another song for Unkle, `Joy Factory`, which was included in the album` Where Did the Night Fall`.

The second full-length album Autolux, `Transit Transit`, was presented Aug. 3, 2010 - th. Production work the trio engaged in itself; much of the material was recorded in the studio `Space 23`.For several tracks with drums in the foreground,` Highchair`, `Spots` and` The Science of Imaginary Solutions`,used the recording sessions started with John Gudmansonom (John Goodmanson).

The first released single from the second album was the song `Supertoys`. The premiere took place on listening to Autolux website, 23 June of 2010. The band toured the United States, Canada (Canada) and Mexico (Mexico) in August and September of 2010 ,and then in December of that year, went on their first European tour.

December 6, 2010 the first label `ATP` released a vinyl with two singles,` The Bouncing Wall` and `Census`, both the album` Transit Transit`. At the beginning of 2011 -of this release has been reprinted by `TBD` in digital form,with the addition of three tracks that were not included in any official album.

November 19, 2015 the second single shared Autolux `Soft Scene` and announced that in the spring of 2016 plans to release its third full-length album. At that time, still untitled, Autolux third album took under his wing label `30th Century Records`,created Deyndzherom Mouse (Danger Mouse).

January 19, 2016 - th it was announced that a new album Autolux, called `Pussy`s Dead`, will be released on April 1st.

Autolux Group joined the list of participants of the festival `Koachella` in 2016.

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