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In 2005, `Avirex` was bought by a group of ` Marc Ecko Enterprises`;since the main focus of their work has changed somewhat - the company launched a new collection of sportswear.

`Avirex` - American fashion brand specializing in the manufacture of clothing. Framed this dress in a fairly typical style reminiscent above all of American aviation.The source of his inspiration the designers of the company, in fact, never hide - even name them, `Avirex`, can be translated into Russian as ` King neba`. Clothes from `Avirex` buy as civilians who appreciate simple and innocent charm of a slightly militarized style and the highest quality turn this style to life, and the military ;25 years `Avirex` closely cooperate with the US Air Force, Department of Defense and NASA.

The jackets of the `Avirex` heroes paraded a number of cult films - like` Terminator` (`Terminator`),` Star voyny` (`Star Wars`) and` Best strelok` (`Top Gun`). Perhaps,audio apparel companies have not yet managed to win his creations are so stable and reliable reputation ` purely American odezhdy`.

`Avirex` company was founded in 1975 by Jeff Klimanov (Jeff Clyman); Contrary to rumors, during the Second World company was not even in the project - and, needless to say ,US Army clothing supply is not engaged. Contacts with the military Kliman established only later - in 1987 ; it was then that the company began to supply the Air Force jacket `A-2`.

In 2005, `Avirex` was bought by a group of ` Marc Ecko Enterprises`; since the main focus of their work has changed somewhat - the company launched a new collection of sportswear.At the moment, `Avirex` seeks to take advantage of the well-known brand on the international level, the legacy of the aviation industry, and the latest fashion trends to create a practical, comfortable, stylish and affordable clothing. The result of their effort is best appreciated by the younger generation ; however,and adult shoppers will find tracksuits from `Avirex` quite noteworthy.

In 2006, `Avirex` refused the production of military and classic clothing ; Now the line is developing another company, `Cockpit USA`. This company was created by the same Jeff Klimanov. `Avirex`, meanwhile ,It continues to explore new areas - for sportswear has added outfits in the style of ` hip- hop`. It is not all like the change of style relished ; however, dissatisfied with the changes already appreciated creations `Cockpit USA`, and others ` Avirex` continues to delight with new collections.

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