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Year of birth: 2010

Age: 5 years

Citizenship: United StatesWho performed the song `Sail`?

Most of all, famous song `Sail`, Awolnation band managed to release to the current time one studio album and almost finish second. The creator of the group, Aaron Bruno, before Awolnation performed as part of other groups; real fame, however, he brought his own project.

Awolnation - American electronic rock band, Founded and led by Aaron Bruno (Aaron Bruno), A former member of Team Under the Influence of Giants, Hometown Hero and Insurgence. It works under the auspices of the `Red Bull Records`; their first EP, `Back from Earth`, released on iTunes on March 18 of 2010.

Born Aaron Bruno of Los Angeles (Los Angeles); here he spent his early years.For some time he was listed in the post-grunge band Home Town Hero, indie pop band Under the Influence of Giants and Insurgence group. In the 2004th have just released their second EP Home Town Hero disbanded; Bruno, however, the music did not want to give up and continued to write his own works.Further contributed to its success fortune ivnimanie by the record label. With Aaron Bruno representatives `Red Bull Records` contacted in 2009th; musician offered an interesting opportunity - free access to the record label`s studio in Los Angeles. Gift this Bruno ordered quite reasonable, writing a few songs and, later,by signing a contract with the label. This contract involves the interaction of a few non-standard for recording the world `s standards form; Aaron himself has characterized his relationship with the label as `partnerskie`. Among other things, this partnership enabled Bruno to write a composition on the taste. Along the way,replacing several groups, Aaron eventually created Awolnation.The songs for the band, Aaron wrote exclusively on their own; sometimes, however, valuable ideas and general direction for the activities it prompted close friends, relatives and dear to them musicians. The name of a group of musicians prompted by his school nickname; It,in turn, descended from Aaron habit to leave without saying goodbye and military acronym `AWOL`,` unauthorized otluchka`.

The first disc Awolnation, EP `Back from Earth`, released 18 of March of 2010 ; We released it on iTunes. It is on this EP entered the song `Sail`, which has become almost the main hit. Their debut album,the band released 15 March 2011 -of electronic and on March 29th of 2011, on a physical medium; it was called `Megalithic Symphony` and it included 14 songs; to electronic versions, depending on the location proazhi annexed more and more of the composition. Of all the works included in the record the most successful, of course,it was the song `Sail`.It was this song climbed to 10 th place in the ranking of rock songs` Billboard`; in the US it was awarded platinum status, and in Canada - became twice platinum. Later,even the melody sounded in one of the episodes of the CBS television series `Good zhena` (` The Good Wife`) and in a number of commercials of different manifestations. On `Sail` later released covers of other artists; Macy Gray (Macy Gray) included one such cover in the album `Covered`, and DevilDriller - on your plate` Winter Kills`.In one of the episodes of the 9th season of the television show `So You Think You Can Dance` song was used as a reference, one of the participants. In March, 2012 -of the screens out a horror film `Playback`, in the audio track, and that means` Sail`; In addition, the composition was incorporated into a film to Canadian OST `Disconnect`.The most positive impact on the popularity of the composition of its use in the Olympic opening ceremony BMW; later, the same song was played in Olympics ad units - is also considerably boosted its popularity. February 18 of 2012, while playing hockey teams `Vancouver Canucks` and` Toronto Maple Leafs` sounded all the same `Sail`.It is known that the composition in due time has caused some debate among bioethicists. The US rating `Billboard Hot 100` composition has risen to 17th lines in the Australian charts - up to the 27th, in New Zealand - to 33rd, and in the UK - up to the 17th.

Well received was another song, `Burn It Down`;it is involved in the television series `Sons of Anarchy` and computer game` Saints Row 4`.In the popular TV series `Diaries vampira` (` The Vampire Diaries`) sounded another song Awolnation, `Guilty Filthy Soul`.

6 June 2012, the band released the EP `I`ve Been Dreaming`; He was laid out in the public domain on the band`s official website.On the EP included 3 previously unreleased songs - `I`ve Been Dreaming`,` Shoestrings`, `Swinging From The Castles` - and concert variations of songs ` Kill Your Heroes`, `Not Your Fault` and ` People`. Later, two more new songs were produced -

Thiskidsnotalright` and `Some Kind of Joke`;the first was subsequently used in a computer game `Injustice: Gods Among Us`.

After some time the market entered a new edition of the first album, which features new songs, remixes and a number of old songs from the EP `I`ve Been Dreaming`.

The group is now working on her second studio album, `RUN`;it is expected that this album will be released in late March. Initially, the official label`s website, it was stated, the album can be expected in 2014th; Alas, this forecast did not materialize. Musicians, however, assert that the work continues on the album.June 7th 2014 the band performed at the festival `Rock am Ring` his new song` Kooks Everywhere`. In November 2014 it was announced a new album release date; Aaron Bruno himself announcedthat wait for the new album will be available in mid-March of 2015. 10 th January 2015 ,a cover version of the song `I`m ib Fire` became part of the soundtrack of the film` 50 shades serogo` (`Fifty Shades of Grey`). January 15 th 2015 it was announced that the first single of the new album, `Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)`, due on January 26.This prediction proved to be accurate - a clip for the new song on YouTube-page label appeared right on schedule. At the same time it has been given a refined release date of the new album - is now assumed that the plate `RUN` go on sale on March 17, 2015 th. Already now it is possible to pre- order via the band `s website, received as a gift the ability to download the first single

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