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One evening in November 1976 after a drinking binge at a Chinese restaurant in Athens (GA) , the participants of this event it was decided to create a team. The project was named "B-52`s", which is the local slang meant heaped " pyramidal " hairstyle. The structure of the gang included Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson, Keith Strickland, Cindy Wilson and Ricky Wilson. Experience music playing virtually none of them were not, but the guys was not discouraged, and they come for the rehearsal. When the tools were more or less mastered ,"B-52`s" engaged in concert activity, and their first performance was held February 14, 1977 in the house of a friend. It soon became clear that the scale is too small for Athens " fifty-second " ambitions, and the group set off to conquer New York.

Starting with a little-known punk club, the team gradually moved to areas like "CBGB`s". Then "B-52`s " Gained a contract in 1979 with their debut self-titled album, which was produced by Chris Blackwell. The record sold half a million copies, which contributed a lot Garage -rock singles " Rock lobster " and" 52 girls ".

B- 52`sV early 80s was extremely popular " new wave " in the musical circles, and soon the "B-52`s " became one of the leaders of this movement, along with " Blondie " and " Talking heads " second LP ,." Wild planet ", made with the participation of producer Rhett Deyviza proved that the musicians do not knowingly eat their own bread, and spawned a series of hits : "Private Idaho", "Give me back my man", "Strobe light". Only two albums the band created the baggage of the songs ,phrases and images, which became the standard for the development of alternative music scene of the next decade. During the "Wild planet", landed in hot twenty, followed EP "Party mix!", Made up of remixes. Success was waiting and the other two albums, "Mesopotamia" (produced by David Byrne) and "Whammy!".

Music "B-52`s " increasingly shifted towards the " electronics ", but at the same time increased the number of ester In 1985, the team suffered a tragedy -. Died of AIDS Guitarist Rick Wilson managed to participate in the sessions. " Bouncing off the satellites ", and the album, released in 1986, it was dedicated to his memory. Although Wilson`s colleagues did not support the record tour, the song "Summer of love" and "Wig" still came out as favorite.

B- 52`sTraurny period stretched for the team for three years, but Keith, move to the drums on the guitar, gradually preparing new material. "Cosmic thing", released in 1989, offered a "B-52`s " a truly cosmic heights. Athenians album took first place in the " Billboard ", giving musicians the status of superstars. Concert line-up has now been strengthened by Sara Lee (bass), Zachary Elford (drums) and Pat Irwin (keyboards) . Advanced Configuration He spent eighteen months touring the world, and everywhere it received very warmly. Not all survived intense touring schedule, and at the end of the tour went Cindy Wilson.

Despite the fact that the group format was reduced to a trio, in 1992, followed by a worthy continuation of "Cosmic thing" - "Good stuff". The album differs from its predecessor only by the fact that the texts contained politicized. After "Good stuff" creativity "B-52`s" decreased significantly. New studio albums did not go, and the public were offered just all kinds of collections. From time to time the staff arranged a small tour, in which returning Cindy Wilson participated.

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