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Quintet attractive singing krasavchikov, Backstreet Boys, at least at first glance, are the well- trodden road ,laid their famous predecessors from bintaunskoy five. As the success of New Kids eclipsed once famous glory Svengali Maurice Starr, as well as their new edition - Backstreet Boys - bend under him vocal groups like Color Me Badd and Shai, who once inspired five of Orlando on the road to global success. The band even took himself a former manager NKOTB. All exactly in exactly.


Brian Littrell

AJ McLean

Nick Carter

Howie Dorofei

Kevin Richardson

Lives in: Orlando, Florida, USA

Recording company : Jive

Established : 1993

On the other hand, the Backstreet Boys are a relatively quietly ,in terms of getting into police records and chronicles the scandalous tabloid newspapers - at least not yet. They did not set fire to rooms in hotels, they are not accused someone of them takes their vocals. Well, they are still young. They still have time.

B-Boys as a group formed in 1993 in Orlando ,where high school graduates AJ McLean and Howie Dorofei and their younger friend Nick Carter often met musical get-togethers. Gradually they approached each other, began to sing together, and then invited and two other members, Kevin Richardson and his cousin Brian Littrell from Kentucky. The group began performing at school dance parties and in local nightclubs. And when they turned in their repertoire of pop rhythm and blues numbers, such as "Tell Me That I" m Dreaming ", Backstreet Boys brought local teenagers to such an extent that someone during one of their fiercest concerts called a cell phone the studio Jive Records,with the result that the group offered a contract.

Although now in the United States it has already sold more than three million copies of their first self-titled album, while the band`s success was limited outside of his native city. Single 1995 "We" ve Got It Goin "On" was quickly forgotten, rising only to 69 on the Billboard charts. He, however, became very popular in Germany,and soon the group was at the center of European festival Boysapalooza with other teenage teams, such as Take That and Boyzone, who then dominated in the volatile European market. "There they were at several so-called " battle groups ", so we got on the already mature market, - says Littrell ,obviously completely confident in the applicability of the economic criteria for music. - And since we were Americans, we have brought to Europe a new fresh sound. We did, and something else. Unlike most of the "battle groups ", we were not just a team of nice guys. We could sing. "

Howbeit,sales performance of their records outside the US commands respect. In addition, they have won a prize " Audience Award " at the MTV European competition in 1997 and caused a panic in the streets of Madrid during the so- called open meetings with students, which, as a result, had to be canceled. " In Europe, it is impossible to go anywhere without a bodyguard, " -He said in an interview with Teen People in March 1998 Dorofei. Head of the Security Service Group Lonnie Jones adds : "When teenage girls gather in groups, they can not stop. "

As you might guess, taken precautions can not always guarantee safety. for example, for Seventeen magazine, she said ,that one day the two fans hiding in the trunk of a bus belonging to the group; one of the European admirers overcame the barbed wire fence to get into the dressing room. The most devoted, however, can be considered as the girl who gave Mc Lin two diamond rings - as it turned out ,These were the wedding rings of her parents.

However, on top of the world is always lonely, and no one out of five children does not yet have this friend. " People say," What nonsense ! You like thousands of screaming girls ! "- Confessed Littrell recently in an interview with Teen People -. But that`s not what I`m not just anyone can call at any time and say something. I `m feeling right now. There is no one who knew me from all sides. "

Many fun facts you can extract from the fans supported Web-sites dedicated to the Backstreet Boys: one example, tells the story of Nick when visiting stores prefer to buy " sneakers " and jewelry made of gold ; Others argue that a favorite food of Brian -This macaroni and cheese, a favorite cologne - "Safari"; AJ loves girls with beautiful eyes and long hair ; Howie likely " will invite you for a walk along the beach in the moonlight " ; and Kevin reportedly " spent eight years of his life in a lonely hut, and is a qualified teacher of ballroom dancing ! "Reinforced efforts to the group to conquer America have begun to bear fruit - their debut album, published at home in August 1997, he turned into a national hits of many songs, including "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)", "As Long as You Love Me" and "Everybody " each of which is a huge success. Until now, the album is held firmly in the " Top Ten ". It seems that in addition to the young, beautiful appearance, wealth and success, Backstreet Boys have also stability.

In May 1999, the band released a new album called "Millennium", pobivshy on all previous popularity.Its sales to September 1999 amounted to more than 4.7 million copies, and it is only in the United States. For the first week it sold 1,133,505 copies. Thus it was broken the record set by Garth Brook.

And yet, it is difficult to get rid of obsessive doubt. " When you think about the sensation for teenagers, you can not help comparing this with the factthat has been in the past, and decide that all this will be over soon, - says Carter in an interview with Billboard. - We understand that people are talking about it, but do not believe that all these predictions must come true. Wait and see."

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