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Year of birth : 1978

Age: 37 years

Place of birth : Washington, USA

Citizenship : United States


Famous today black hardcore / rap quartet started in the late `70s as a fusion band, and formed the basis of the repertoire of compositions Chica Korii and Stanley Clarke.

In early 1979, the band moved to New York,which quickly went up the hill - with the Dead Kennedys and Black Flag collective laid the foundations of hardcore, playing on the mind-boggling speed of punk rock hybrid, modern jazz and reggae - in this period, the group used when recording multiple overlay effects loop and a mechanical disk torshn. Subsequently, the Bad Brains were removed from his compositions elements of reggae and no longer resort to the studio effects. Followers quartet narrowed, and then declared themselves the Bad Brains gospelz group, claiming that their music they are calling the world to unite on the basics of brotherly love. Unfortunately, the musical material, illustrating that period ,remains extremely small, and it is very difficult to analyze the first stage of creativity Bad Brains, although singles "Pay To Cum" and "Big Takeover" can serve as an excellent example of a musical era trends and, according to experts, is a kind of style classics, which started working Bad Brains. (Archive Bad Brains owns independent firm Jello Bayefry Alternative Tentacles, which intends to reissue all the albums the group in CD format.)

In October 1979 Bad Brains were opened The Damned concerts in the UK - to buy plane tickets, the band sold all my equipment, and being in London foundthey were given a tourist visa, which prohibits any kind of activity for money.

The group performed a lot at home, out of the plate quite regularly, but how any noticeable success Bad Brains in the 80 years have not achieved. Desperate to break through to a wider audience, Eich Ar began a solo career, and in May 1988 he was replaced by vocalistwhose name is not even indicated on the envelope published Bad Brains records. The brother of the former singer, drummer Hudson, also left the band, and his place behind the drums took Mackey, previously played in the Cro-Mags. A series of concerts in the new line-up showed that the substitutions were made to fail, and in 1989, Bad Brains reunited with fugitives. Despite the modest position in the ranking, the influence of Bad Brains to Black Rock can not be overestimated : a relatively new black groups, such as, for example, already had time to decay Living Colour, Bad Brains put on a par with Jimi Hendrix and George Clinton. Recently, there has been interest in the work of Bad Brains,their music begin to replicate the Japanese record company, settled in America. Bad Brains signed a contract with Madonna`s Maverick and the spring of 1995 in the classic lineup recorded a new studio album, which finally deigned to notice the criticism.

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