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American hard-n - heavy group. Founded in the late 1980s. Even before the creation of BAD ENGLISH her three future members - vocalist John Waite (Jonh Waite) (p July 4, 1952, Lancaster, Lancashire, England.) bassist Ricky Phillips (Ricky Phillips) and keyboardist Jonathan Cain (Jonathan Cain) (p February 26, 1950, Chicago, Illinois.. ) - played together in another band called THE BABYS.

Waite after the collapse of THE BABYS had also released several solo albums. In mid- 1988, he signed a new contract with the record company Epic Records,already hatching plans for the creation of a new group. The new group included old friends by THE BABYS Phillips and Kane, as well as guitarist Neal Schon (Neal Schon) (b. February 27, 1954, San Mateo, California) and drummer Deen Castronovo (Deen Castronovo). Initially, the group was called the FULL CIRCLE, which was soon changed to BAD ENGLISH.The group started to prepare the material for their debut album on the CBS / Columbia Records. The record " of Bad English ", produced by Richie Zito became (Ritchie Zito), was released in June 1989. The album reached number 21 in the US album charts and sold over 1 million. Copies received " platinum " status. The first single, Forget Me Not without success ,but the second - When I See Your Smile - in November 1989, reached number one on the Billboard charts. From March to June 1990 BAD ENGLISH conducted a large-scale US tour as support band to WHITESNAKE. In the same year a new single Price Of Love reached the fifth line in the US charts.However, during the recording of the second album there were serious disagreements among its members, so the work was hard. At the same time, Waite has worked side- projects - his solo song was included on the soundtrack for the film "Days Of Thunder" (Days of Thunder) . The hard- recorded album "Blacklash" was released in August 1991 ,and at the end of the same year, BAD ENGLISH Quits. However, the singles Starlight To Your Heart and Time Stood Still, issued after that were quite successful. After the dissolution of vocalist John Waite for some time collaborated with the former WHITESNAKE guitarist Adrian Vandenberg (Adrian Vandenberg), after which he returned to a solo career.Jonathan Kane also engaged in solo career and together with Neil Sean took part in the revival of JOURNEY. Ricky Phillips and Dean Castronovo collaborated with Jimmy Page and David Coverdale, the first and recorded a solo album together with Frederickson Fergie (Fergie Fredereksen).

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