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Year of birth: 2004

Age: 11 years

Place of Birth: Seattle, US

Citizenship: United StatesThe best hits of Ben Briduella

Team Band of Horses was collected by Ben Briduellom in 2004th; over the last 11 years, part of it has changed more than once - it does not interfere with Ben to continue to advance the project and beyond, regularly delighting their fans with new songs, albums and concerts.

Band of Horses- American rock band, Founded in Seattle in the 2004th. Most of all, famous for its album of 2010 `Infinite Arms`.

Team Band of Horses vocalist and guitarist Ben Briduell (Ben Bridwell) founded back in 2004th, after the dissolution of his group Carissa`s Weird. The original lineup Briduella team, in addition to himself,included bassist Chris Earley (bassist Chris Early) and drummer Tim Meinig (Tim Meinig). Soon the trio joined another former member Carissa`s Weird, Mat Brooke (Mat Brooke). The first focus group attracted, speaking at the opening theme from Iron & Wine. In 2005, the band released their first EP; followed in sale and their first full-length album,`Everything All the Time`. Record album musicians helped producer Phil Ek (Phil Ek); out plate under the brand name `Sub Pop`. The album was moderately well received in Scandinavia (Scandinavia); he was able to climb up to the bottom lines of hit-parades of Sweden (Sweden) and Norway (Norway).Shortly after the start of work on the album in the group conflicts began - Briduell few did not get along with Meinig and Earley. Soon, Chris and Tim left the band; for the subsequent tour the duo complement Briduellaprishlos Brook and guitarist - keyboardist Joe Arnon (Joe Arnone),bassist and guitarist Rob Hampton (Rob Hampton) and drummer Creighton Barrett (Creighton Barrett).

The first single from the album, `The Funeral`, subsequently quite active in televizionnyh unused serial, film, computer games and reklamnyh rollerblading. 13th- July 2006-of the band even performed the song on the show with David Letterman (David Letterman); they were not at full strength - by the time the team left and Mat Brooke. As he later explained Brook, this member of the group, he did not become; after leaving the Band of Horses, he founded a new band, Grand Archives.Before starting work on the second album Briduell decided that the group should move from Seattle to South Carolina (South Carolina). Already in the 2007th team went on a tour through Europe and North America. By the time the team has changed again - now it consisted of 6 people, including Matt Gentling (Matt Gentling),Robin Peringer (Robin Peringer) and Ryan Monro (Ryan Monroe). The new record came out on October 9th of 2007, under the label `Sub Pop` and under the auspices of Phil Ek; it was called `Cease to Begin`. In Norway, Denmark

Sweden and the record became a hit; We noticed it and in the States -here drive has risen to the 35th line in the rating of `Billboard 200`.Enough heat was adopted and entered in the record single` No One`s Gonna Love You`. Monroe after the album became a regular member of the group; In addition, the team was joined by Tyler Ramsey (Tyler Ramsey) and Bill Reynolds (Bill Reynolds).

In May 2009 ,Phil Ek announced the start of work on a new album of the group; plate `Infinite Arms`, like the previous one, recorded in North Carolina. Shortly before the start of work on the album in the band there was another change of structure - Rob Hampton left the team, and in its place came a Swedish guitarist B

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