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Vision BarlowGirl is to write songs that would describe their way of life with God. The three main themes of their songs are: trust in God ,purity and their opinions about a meet (or, in their case, the absence thereof) .

BarlowGirl a group consisting of three sisters : Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow (yeah, it happened here and team name) . Born and raised in the town of Elgin, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois ,Girls from early childhood began to learn to play musical instruments. At the beginning of each one of them learned to play the piano, which was an integral particle of their education. .. All three, of course, hated piano lessons, especially ifwhen all their girlfriends were running down the street. .. But now they have something to thank my parents, who instilled in him a love of music.

After ten years, forming a musical group, led by their father, Vince Barlow, they began to surf their country. Their father at the time was minister of children`s music in Promiseland`e (Promised Land) , children`s ministry Willow Creek Community Church. For over two years the girls toured the country, playing up to his father. During one performance Lauren, who then played keyboards, decided to sit behind the drum kit ,so that she liked that she just loved it. .. This is how the band had drummer. After some time thereafter, the girls began experimenting with writing my own songs. .. The songs, most likely, never no one will hear :) But be that as it may, the foundation was laid. It was then that they decided to organize a full-fledged band, which at the moment has already exist for four years.

A year ago, aiming for a more profound knowledge in his new endeavor, BarlowGirl went for the annual music event "Seminar in the Rockies", organized by the Association of Christian music. This seminar in Estes Park, Colorado, gathers already trying perpetrators of the Christian music industry, as well as young children and beginners. There are carried out a week-long training, various music contests and talent shows. It was there at the girls for the first time drew attention to the executive director of a number of Christian labels that eventually led to the signing of the contract with Fervent Records. Their debut album for the label was released recently, that is to say 24 February 2004, and engaged in the proliferation of Provident Music Distribution."Fervent Records deliberately sought girlish group to contract. Employees of our label, are the main person of the female sex, and for each of us to Christian music had a great influence, when we were little girls. And as a record company, we wanted to find a group consisting of girls,that would inspire young girls today. Our discovery - BarlowGirl - became a true blessing for us. These girls are incredible, and they will be a good role model for the girls, but also they find a response and the guys, and mixed-age group, - says Syuzen Riley, coordinator of Fervent Records.- BarlowGirl like to write songs about by God that led them, and they love to share with young people, saying that is to trust God in everything, and not simply surrender to the flow, which causes you to peace. " "We are pleased that Fervent faith in us and our music, and they have decided to become part of the future of our group "- In turn says Alyssa Barlow.

"What about Dad ? ", You ask. Do not worry, everything with him right. .. He was not fired, and even quite the contrary - he and his wife, no matter how strange is this mummy trio became the band`s manager. With them everything is clear - the family business.

Now, perhaps,We turn to each participant of the musical trinity separately. The oldest (24 years) in the group is guitarist Rebecca, or just Becky, who besides guitar plays bass, piano and drums. Long dark brown hair, which they are not for anything is not going to cut, and dark green eyes immediately attract attention.But in spite of such a menacing look, as they say younger sisters, it is the most serious and quiet in a team that probably comes with age. Together with its seriousness and taciturn, respectively, and wisdom comes from the category of " less talk, more to watch and listen, and then, if necessary, you can speak "that before very pissed younger sisters, which is inherent in a more youthful outlook on life - " never listen to or watch, just tell me. " Yet she is credited with a quality that very few people can be assigned - "exceptionally talented person, which is attached to something your hand, be sure it will do - whether it`s a car mechanic or a haircut ,learning to play a new instrument or cooking. " Maybe that`s why she was so quiet she ponders what else she has to sit down and learn that in the near future.

Next we going, Alyssa, 21, who takes the bass and keyboards job. Short brown hair ,brown eyes and cheerful smile - so looks Lissa (as Lauren calls it) . The sisters say that she is a natural leader, despite the fact that age gives Becky. Despite his innate leadership skills, and maybe even because of them, she and her younger sister often satisfied "laugh parties ".

Well,and speaking of drummers Lauren, whose 18 years, we can say that it is a colorful rainbow of a trio. It gives the general tone of the group with his presence, because it can find joyful notes of everything that surrounds it at the present moment. Honestly, Lauren is the one who has his Thereforegood light-hearted attitude to life reminds older sisters enjoy life and God`s blessings, sometimes forget about the seriousness and indulge in pleasure.

As for their vision, goals and the meaning of existence, as a group, let`s put all on polchkam ,that there was no nedorazmueny and misunderstandings in the future. .. Vision BarlowGirl is to write songs that would describe their way of life with God. The three main themes of their songs are trusting God, purity and their opinions about a meet (or, in their case, the absence thereof) . Let`s see,that the girls themselves think about their vision and goals.

With regard to confidence : "We believe that God calls each fully dedicated to him one of us to live a life in order that He might perform His work in us and show his true purpose about our life. We are in no way trying to say that we all have learned the concept 100, But you still need to work on it ; we believe that trust in God - is a daily process and the road, which each of us is for all eternity. "

With regard to cleanliness, " In a world that constantly bombards us impurity and pretentiousness, we feel a calling to oppose what we are trying to provide ,as something proper and acceptable. Especially well this point concerns the area of clothing and modesty. "

No a meet, "We believe that God has already prepared a perfect young man for each of us. Based on this, we should not worry about such searches. When the time comes, God will give us to meet and connect us.At the same time, we`re not going to hide in the closet from all persons male. We continue to live their zhiznyaim only difference is that we are not under pressure that we need to find a boyfriend ". .

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