Picture of Basehead

Year of birth : 1992

Age: 23 year

Place of birth : Washington, DC, USA

Citizenship : United States

Independent Christian hip- hop

Despite the fact that hip - hop in the last decade made its way onto the world stage and actually led it, many musicians who became the founders of this style, still remain in the shadows. So,`Basehead` group and its founder and frontman Michael Ivey from the very inception tried not to attract special attention of major labels and work only with their circles. But why musicians have tried to avoid the mainstream ? As the band was founded ? And as musicians imagine the future of the independent hip- hop scene`Basehead` (also known as ` dc Basehead` and `Basehead 2.0`) - independent American hip- hop group, founded in 1992 in Washington, DC (Washington, D.C., United States). The founder and front man of the group is Michael Ivey (Michael Ivey), who is also a musician is the main group and the author of most of the songs.C Since the release of their first album `Play with Toys`, recorded at the home studio of Michael in 1992, the band managed to introduce 5 more albums, the last of which ,` Rockalyptic Music`, was released in 2007 year. Interestingly, over the years on the professional stage artist considerably developed their sound : for example, starting with hip - hop ,they gradually began experimenting with alternative rock and lighter styles. The texts of the songs the band is quite often raised sensitive issues such as drugs, poverty, problems in the relationship, but in 1995, there was a turning point in their development, after which the band to focus on Christianity. Today `Basehead` continue to work in the studio and performing, presenting on the American scene is quite a rare genre variety - Christian hip- hop.

`Basehead` Group was founded in 1992 in Washington, DC. At the time of founding team Michael Ivey already had a number of pieces ,recorded in his home studio with the support of a few friends. So these songs were included on the band`s first album, `Play with Toys`, which was released on an unknown independent label ` Emigre`. So, despite the fact that the album has not received special popularity among American fans ,He was well received by critics and connoisseurs of the musical variety. For example, `Rolling Stone` critic Kevin Powell (Kevin Powell) described the album thus: ` The album, despite the complete lack of preaching, causes the audience to rise above the basic instincts, to open the mind to new ideas, open to new vliyaniy` soul. Shortly after the release, the band went on tour in the United States and Europe, playing both recitals and and joint performances with bands such as `Beastie Boys`,` Stone Temple Pilots` and `Ween`. Around the same time, the group portrait appeared on the cover of the magazine `College Music Journal`,It is earning them interest from a number of major professional labels ; so the band signed a contract with `Imago Records`, and started working on the record ` Not in Kansas Anymore`.

Unfortunately, the album failed to repeat the success of his debut work. Critics noted that the album was recorded pretty good, and in many respects was similar to the earlier work of the group ,but unfortunately, it did not have the surprise that made the band`s debut in such an unusual and interesting in the creative plan.

Album `Faith` of 1994 marked a change in the work of the group : Now lyrics of their songs were devoted to religious themes, which, according to the musicians, they are very excited. The next three albums ,`In the Name of Jesus`,` dc Basehead` and `Rockalyptic Music`, were not particularly popular, as continued the traditions established during the creation of the album ` Faith`.

Subsequently, Michael repeatedly explained to fans that the band prefers to maintain its ` nezavisimye` position because they do not quite agree with the Christian music market.

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