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Year of birth : 1961

Age: 54 year

Place of birth : Hawthorne, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

Beach BoysRaised under the hot California sun in the atmosphere serene beach activities the sweet brothers Wilson decided to start his own band. Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love and friend Alan Dzherdayn the total recorded in 1961 their first album, which tried to reflect as clearly as possible allthat their care at the time.

Raised under the hot California sun in the atmosphere serene beach activities the sweet brothers Wilson decided to start his own band. Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love and friend Alan Dzherdayn the total recorded in 1961 their first album ,which we tried as vividly as possible to reflect all their care at the time. And worried about their surfing and surfing only. More singing was nothing, and therefore received only one song on the album : "Surfin `". At first, the guys were under the names "The Pendletones", "Carl And The Passions" and "Kenny And The Cadets",but after a while stopped on the name "Beach boys". After the release of the first single group of incredible happened. Corny bit cloying and polyphony " beach boys " have attracted the attention of serious men of "Capitol Records". "Beach Boys", to get a contract, started with inspiration to create.The next piece of music and harmony was built a little more complicated, and called several more seriously : "Surfin `Safari". As a result, the position in the charts higher - for 14 th place.

Not stopping there, in 1963, "Beach Boys" recorded another masterpiece. This time they decided to look at the world more broadly : a song called "Surfin `USA". According to the listening of the majority, this serene hymn to American life was worth to climb to the very top of the national charts. He stood up, leaving far behind (on the 7th line) , another creation of the same "gold " album : "Surfer Girl"."Beach Boys" have been recognized as national heroes, and all the more complicated bit of harmony, flavored with fraternal polyphony, elevated to the rank of a new trend called " surf rock ". Signs of genius Brian saw in the beautiful melodies, nice arrangements and blends harmoniously with the music pattern texts. And even,finding in the most beautiful things at that time the team "Surfin `USA" is not uilsonovskie notes and deducted from the "Sweet Little Sixteen" Chuck Berry tune, it`s just Brian. However, if it were the first and, it is not the last problem with the authorship of Brian. At the height of Beatlemania "Beach Boys" managed to organize an alternative version of the song and "I Get Around" not only topped US charts, but also entered the British charts. Ponadelat bunch of hits ("Fun, Fun, Fun", "Help Me Ronda", "California Girls" and so on. D.) And triumphantly traveled around the world on tour, Brian suddenly wilted ,and concerts of "Beach Boys" suddenly stopped. The fact was that Wilson - chief, had won deservedly by the time the reputation of being one of the greatest melodist of modernity in a fascinating competition with "Beatles" stumbled on the enigmatic album Fab Four, entitled "Rubber Soul",representing music is a completely different level. Brian picked up the abandoned " Beatles " glove and locked himself in the studio. He alone, without the help of the brothers and other relatives, began to prepare a response. The new work "Beach Boys" called "Pet Sounds". The Yankees began the habit it was to buy up ,but the usual surf -pop from the plate does not even smell. What little family has made the Wilson this time, a group of loyal fans puzzled and plunged into confusion. As a result, the album flopped in the US, however, has had great success on the other side of the ocean.

Brian again sat down in the studio and the single "Good Vibrations" was completed in six months. Hearing struck an unusual structure " vibration " : if a sound is made up of different movements, which then merged, then disintegrated and then merged. "Good Vibrations" adopted at last not only in Britain. Another masterpiece of "Beach Boys" led all the prestigious charts of the world and including shtatovskih. However, the group started having problems. For unknown reasons, in broad daylight lit studio, Brian, and the fire was destroyed almost all of the material is almost ready for a release of the album "Smile". Some of the surviving included in the next album - "Smiley Smile" and "Surf`s Up". Brian began to indulge in drugs, and gradually entered into all more addictive. On the album sessions "Surf`s up" Dennis managed to injure his hand glass, and the group was forced to temporarily invite instead Fataara Rica.

In the second half of the 70 "Beach Bys" came close to disbanding the team. Conflict broke out between Dennis and Mike, to be precise - between Wilson and lavas. In the end, the group survived ,but his brothers Stan and Steve Lava were excluded from management. Wilsons won, and the popularity of " pests " began to gain momentum again. In the early 80`s "Beach Boys" with a cover version of the song "Come Go With Me" group "Del-Vikings" even back in the charts. However, on Christmas Eve 1984, Dennis Wilson in the conquest of the next wave of surfing lost to the elements, and not held up to the native Californian beach. Many believed that the history of "Beach Boys" in this and over.But in late 1985, a group led by the course of the last drug rehabilitation Brian released unexpectedly strong collection of "The Beach Boys". However, the triumphal march of the album on the world music charts unexpectedly ended group contract termination with the record company. However, and this trouble "Beach Boys" experienced ,and the beautiful single "California Dreaming" - a clear confirmation. Just rearranged thing "Mamas And The Papas", but the merits of themselves "Beach Boys" this fact does not diminish.

In the late 80`s group has covered another scandal. Brothers so serious were confident in their collaborative genius that even sued Brian ,supposedly the years unilaterally dispose of the intellectual achievements of the whole team, which eventually merged and the bank - $ 80 million. Members of fraternal squabbling team started at a time when Brian once again plunged into a state close to the insane, and he could not stand up for themselves. However, in orderto restore justice, efforts were sufficient and Wilson senior lawyers. Group, however, was not disintegrated even after this test. Moreover, the scandalous situation reminded the public about the role of personality of Brian Wilson in the history of rock music, for which he began periodically to attract all kinds of ceremonies.In 1998, he died of cancer Carl Wilson. The remaining "Beach Boys" to his 40th anniversary decided remastered 16 of their most popular albums.

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