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Year of birth : 1979

Age: 36 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


The group "Beastie boys",cut into its early stage outspoken hardcore (that is punk rock) , appeared on the New York stage in 1981.

The original structure included Adam Yauch (born August 5, 1965 ;. Bass), Kate Schellenbach (drums) , John Berry (guitar) and Michael Diamond (born 20 November 1966 ;. Vocals). After playing the first concert at a birthday party Berry at his home,team rather quickly shifted to such sites as the "CBGB" and "Max`s Kansas City", where she performed along with "Bad brains" and "Reagan youth". Already in 1981 they released their first EP "Pollywog Stew", but on a standstill.

At the beginning of 1983, Berry was replaced by Adam Horovitz (b. October 31, 1967) , with the participation of which the band recorded the first track in the style of rap,"Cookie Puss". Somewhere at the same time on the horizon drew Rick Rubin, provoked the final transition "Beastie boys" from hardcore to hip-hop. Schellenbach did not like the change of course (as well as a giant inflatable penis, appears on the scene) , and she left the "Beasties".Beastie boysOstavshayasya trio shortly afterwards on Rubinskaya label "Def Jam" released the single "Rock Hard", which used samples of the AC / DC song "Back in black

". The first full-fledged tour " Beastie boys " held the opening act for Madonna in her North American tour. They were followed by "Raising Hell Tour" in the company of Run DMC and similar artists. Finally, in 1986, the band released their debut LP. "Licensed to ill" became the first rap album was ranked in the "Billboard" top position, which lasted five weeks. In addition to high sales of "Licensed to ill" it was remarkable ,that it was marked by the guitarist "Slayer" Kerry King. Large-scale tour in support of the album was accompanied by a variety of scandals, but this only fueled interest in the "Beastie boys".

In 1988, the guys shouting match with Rick Rubin and escaped from his "Capitol records". The first plate at the new location became "Paul`s Boutique".Work was markedly different from "Licensed", and it was among the samples can find retro, funk and psychedelia. "Rolling stone" magazine has compared this release in the world of rap with "Pet Sounds" and "Dark Side of the Moon" in the rock.

Beastie boysNa album "Check your head" group has gone further and hip- hop rhythms kneaded funk, jazz and hardcore. Accompanied by a bunch of hits, the disc took a good position in the "Billboard" and went double platinum. In 1994, in addition to the regular work of the rap, "Ill Communication", the band released a collection of early material, "Some Old Bullshit". A little later, "Beastie boys" again paid tribute to their punk roots, throwing on the market mignon "Aglio e Olio". In the same 1994-m team with "Smashing pumpkins" led tour "Lollapalooza", and in 1996 all of a sudden has released a collection of soul-jazz - funk instrumentals "The In Sound From Way Out!".

To his favorite hip-hop "Beastie boys" back in 1998 with the disc "Hello Nasty", to grab him a couple of " Grammy ". Waiting for the next studio album dragged on for six years, and was offset by the release of two-disc collection of "The Sounds of Science". Such a long silence due political activity of members of the team and doing things on his own label, "Grand Royal".

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