Picture of Beatnuts

Year of birth : 1989

Age: 26 years

Place of Birth : Queens, USA

Citizenship : United States


The hip-hop a lot kritikanov. Brake rapper on the street and ask his opinion on the five selected artists of the genre at random. Someone is bound to be tough sworn. But no one will be able to respond because of Bitnatsah.

The official year of the group The Beatnuts birth is 1989, the place - Queens, New York. At the beginning of his career, the band members hunted manufacture of explosive bits for various artists. They immediately began to cooperate with artists party Native Tongues. After working with the Jungle Brothers, they joined the producing team debut (and only) album 1990 "Down to Earth",gromyhnuvshey while Monie Love (track on their conscience "Pups Lickin Bone"). For some time, production team to score points by creating a remix for Cypress Hill, Naughty by Nature, da Lench Mob, and Prime Minister Pete Nice and prodyusiruya Chi-Ali, Da Youngsta`s and Fat Joe.

For the first time his recitative talent they demonstratedsigning a deal with Combat Records, and released their first release "Intoxicated Demons" in 1993. It was not a full-length album, and only EP- shka. In fact, a well-known practice, when the novice performers his first release make it shortened to not investing much, look - go or not.With sufficient producer`s professionalism, they combined jazz beats, fat basses with enchanting humor and received a release that can be put on the shelf between 3rd Bass and Jungle Brothers.

For most people who have seen and heard of their future creations, this group was a duo. But do not forget ,that initially there were three : Junkyard Ju-Ju (aka JuJu, born Jerry Tineo), Psycho Les (nee Lester Fernandez) and of connecting them Fashion (aka Kool Ass Fashion, born Berntony Smalls).

Fashion before he joined the team, noted in 1991, the track "Let The Horns Blow" with De La Soul and Chi-Ali (Beatnuts which in 1991 produced the entire album, and it was in fact their first demo tape) .

During the release of their debut release had some problems, because Fashion burned on drugs, and, as they say, was captured and otfigachen. The jury returned a verdict, and he went to study the checkered world. As a result of it ,figuratively speaking, he was shot down on take-off, he after some time left the group, went to Islam, changed as it passed, and the name, becoming the Al Tariq- ohm, engaged in further solo career. To fulfill this right sleeve of history, we note that the newly released Al Tariq further two solo albums "God Connections", in 1996 ,and "Kool Fresh" in 1997, which have been very well appreciated by critics. And his former colleagues without calving helped him with his debut solo album on prodakshenom. Stylistically, the work of Al Tariq`a gravitated to ask while the tone of the East Coast, not to prilatinennym themes of his comrades. JuJu and remaining duo Les next year after the temporary loss of a soldier released "Street Level" - he left in 1994 on Relativity / Violator Records. However, some sources believe that this album is called "The Beatnuts". Fashion, too, participated in its creation, but in some half-hearted status.Dominican and Colombian roots JuJu Les`a allowed them to bring something special to their music, so they have always been at the forefront of the Latin hip-hop. And, to their credit, are still in service, though different critics have different attitudes to different periods of the team work. Truth `s sake, I want to note ,which is clearly Latin rhythms and melodies in their early writings, with rare exceptions, vytsepit difficult, unlike, for example, early Funkdoobiest or Delinquent Habits. Nevertheless, the team listens to no worse than these groups and thus may well stand on a par with the Lords of the Underground, for example.In 1997, after the biggest in the history of the group breaks all on the same Relativity released their third solo album "Stone Crazy", and many critics believe that after this album all the innovation and enchantment group disappeared. For the first time on it of their Latin roots gave noticeable to the naked eye shoots. At the same time, and any friction with the issuing label. Despite the fact that Bitnats were signed on the label, part of the Sony hierarchy, JuJu spoke about them in a fairly rigid manner "Fuck, Sony" - and so several times. This reaction was due to the fact that Sony gave them a strained due to the use of the track "Gimme the Ass" of the same sample that Will Smith used in his track "Men in Black". And, despite the fact that the nuts have made your song a few months earlier, Sony based on its tactical considerations forbade them to not only spin the track, but also to speak with him.

But there could be offended or not, and pull the strap need to contract. Soon after the release of their next album, and other critics proclaimed it was his -"A Musical Massacre" in 1999 - the most masterpiece of the band`s entire career. He came out just at the time when Relativity organizational changes were coming. This did not stop the duo celebrated memorable appearance colleagues.They were lit on each release of DJ Honda and maintained outs Kurious (album "A constipated Monkey"), Big Punisher and Mad Skillz (album "The nod factor").

When merged with Relativity formed Loud Loud Recording, a group of naturally came under a new roof, and in 2001 released "Take It Or Squeeze It",demonstrating an enviable constancy in maintaining the frequency of its releases. But a change of signs on having happened once, began to repeat with an enviable constancy. "The Originators" - came out a year later already Landspeed, their former owners have anticipated the release of a compilation of the best tracks of the team - "Classic Nuts, Vol.1",and the last to date album "Milk Me" rose Penaty label Penalty and spilled out last summer.

Despite the fame, none of the albums of the team never got not that platinum, but even the " normal gold " status. What`s really nothing to say ,even if the owners of the Grammy Digable Planets prizonosny sold their album "only" gold edition.

With proven that they, too, can shake the microphone as it should, many Latinos over time. Guys such as Noreaga, Big Punisher and Fat Joe, adequately represent its diaspora, destroying a corresponding myth. Their difference with Bitnatsami isthat the latter did not steamed about it. JuJu once so described the situation with the Latin rap :.. " This is certainly a good thing that all of these guys such as Pan and Joe do their thing in some ways it is, undoubtedly, it helps us to have us to them in this regard does not arise nothing but profound sympathy. But we with Forest th in the game a long time ago. And we were trying to not necessarily be platinum or gold, or anything else like that. We just have it in parallel. Well, that is, it is concerned with no more than the usual requirements such as eat, shit yeah. When we were in the studio, we do not think about it. But once we have a contract with the label, and then we have a plenty of plans. Just get ready for spacing. "

And again and again they proved that skill does not spend on drink. Today in the ranks who turned to Bitnats for Producing appears very motley company : Canibus, Ghostface Killah, Dilated Peoples, Mos Def, Tony Touch, Arsonists. The duo worked with rappers from Big Pun`a to Method Man`a,Dzhenifer Lopez and even used their song "Watch Out Now", which began with their fame in the mainstream to create their song "Jenny from the Block". Many famous people were also not averse to appear on Bitnatsovskih releases. Not much going deep can cause offhand names such as Common, Dead Prez and Large Professor.

And, of course ,do not forget released remix EP "The Spot" in 1998, which included 7 remixes and one previously unreleased track "Treat $". Unfortunately, in this release for some reason I did not get a great remix of "Hellraiser".

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