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The good old rock and rollroll was brought back to life in 1999 by a team from Los Angeles "Beautiful creatures".

Borrowing a few moments at the "AC / DC", "Motley crue" and "Guns N`Roses" era "Appetite for destruction", five Americans were given an updated version of classic rock. The core group was vocalist Joe Leste and guitarist DJ Ashba. Leste had worked with "Bang tango", in the short time left in "L.A. guns", he returned to their group and went out again, teamed up with a former member of "Bulletboys" Ashboy.

The new project also includes bassist Chuck Garrick (ex- "L.A. Guns"), guitarist Brent Muscat (ex- "Faster pussycat") and drummer Danny Parker (ex- "Shake the faith").But Garrick soon fled to Dio, and this configuration is collapsed. Leste and Ashba updated command, finally adopting the name "Beautiful creatures".

Beautiful creaturesV new structure included another former member of "Shake the faith" Kenny Queens (bass) noted earlier on drums Alice Cooper, and has taken this time into the hand of a guitar Anthony Fox and drummer Glen Sobel, practiced with Tony McAlpine and "Impelliterri". The first performance was "Dragonfly" in the Los Angeles club. The concert was great and the band continued to work "live". In 2000, they want to change the sign was in the "Hellstar", but the idea was not developed, and soon they again returned to its previous name.

Meanwhile, the popularity of "Beautiful creatures" increased significantly, so that there was no surprise to see them on posters " Ozzfest ". His set team played well,and she was invited to take part in the tour "Kiss", warming up the crowd for headliners. Such an approach made to pay attention to "Beautiful creatures" and record labels. Thus, after some time, a contract was signed with the "Warner Bros records".Beautiful creaturesFirma allocated musicians as a producer Sina Beavan and sent ihstudiyu. In autumn 2001, their debut album, entitled simply "Beautiful creatures", and was ready to hit the market. The plate looked like a creation "Guns N`Roses" period of their heyday, only with a more modern sound. The CD contains twelve tracks ,and the Japanese edition has been supplemented by two bonuses - song "Get up" and an acoustic version of " 1 A.M.". The song " 1, A.M. " also hit the soundtrack to the film "Valentine". Despite the fact that the album material was pretty quality label he was not satisfied with the sales of the plate and in early 2002 broke the contract with the group.Shortly thereafter, the team left one of its founders - Ashba, who muddied his own project ("DJ Ashba"). The resulting hole " plugged " Michael Thomas (ex- "Engines of aggression", "Tuff"), but of 2003 it was discovered in April in the company of Ashby, and the future of "Beautiful creatures" hung a big question mark.

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Beautiful Creatures photo
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