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Year of birth : 1999

Age: 16 years

Citizenship : United States

Christian death metal

The name of their group `Becoming the Archetype` borrowed from the Bible ;Christian faith for the team members has always been extremely important. To some it may seem like a death metal - not the best way to give thanks to Christ ; members `BtA`, however, sincerely hope that their songs - it is a worthy and pleasing to God.

Pending receipt of the contract with the `Solid State Records` group ` Becoming the Archetype` was called `The Remnant`;in this status, they even managed to release one independent album. Musicians contract received in December, 2004 ; shortly afterwards he saw the light of their first album, which is on sale at the national level - `Terminate Damnation`. This album was named after the song of another Christian death metal band, `Mortification`. In compositionsincluded in the album, combining elements of progressive metal, death metal and metal core.

In 2006, lead guitarist and one of the principal authors of the songs of John Starr (Jon Star) left the band for personal reasons wing. It is known that with the comrades Star parted on quite a positive note, retaining quite decent relationship.Their debut album came out after a while and on vinyl, limited edition (only 500 copies) ; Records for the release of the company replied `Broken Circle Records`.

The first tour group took place in 2006 ; musicians went to wander through Europe in the company of `The Chariot` and ` Shaped by Fate`.The vacant post of lead guitarist at the time took Alex Kenis (Alex Kenis) from the death metal band `Aletheian`.

In July 2006, the group left, another member of its original members - guitarist Sean Cunningham (Sean Cunningham); Finally he decided to finish his studies at the college, and to concentrate on a career completely. New loss, however,no impact on the group - in the autumn of 2006, they returned to the studio, led by Andreas Magnusson (Andreas Magnusson). The result of their labors - plate `The Physics of Fire` - came out in May of 2007. To promote the album, the band decided in the framework of the tour `The Trilogy of Hairs`.The symbol of one of the stages of this tour was the stylish, bearded skull, later nicknamed ` Klifton` (Clifton), and became a kind of mascot of the group.

At the end of 2007, the group left Dakkett Brent (Brent Duckett); According to the official version, on indefinite leave he was forced to personal considerations.

In 2008, personnel changes continued ;Alex Kenis left the band, replaced by John who had returned to the old one. Spring band set to work on a new studio album ; with the support of drummer Brandon Lopez (Brandon Lopez) and producer Devin Townsend (Devin Townsend), in November they released a record `Dichotomy`.Inspired while working on this record the band ` trilogiey` Space (Space Trilogy) CS Lewis (C.S. Lewis); lyrics tell of a conflict of biology and technology, and the opposition of people and machines.

October 31, 2008 th indefinite leave Dakketta Brent ended ;Soon after, the band appeared in the new issue of the journal `HM` and went on tour in support of their third album.

In October 2009, `Becoming the Archetype` released a new single ,` Necrotizing Fasciitis`; distributed single, complete with T-shirts, and the album cover was decorated with the familiar fans Clifton. The fourth studio album - `Celestial Completion` - the band released in 2011 under the label ` Solid State Records`. In many ways, the album became the experimental group. In late November the band played for the last 8 months, more than 80 concerts in 12 countries, and released a new single ,He lost just two members - Brent Dakkett and Jason Wisdom (Jason Wisdom) announced his departure from the group.

In April 2012, the band officially announced the start of work on the fifth album ; new album - `I Am` - published September 18, 2012 th

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