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Year of birth : 2006

Age: 9 years

Place of birth : Santa Fe, New Mexico, Argentina

Citizenship : United States

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`Beirut` - American indie rock and indie folk band, founded in 2006, the year in Santa Fe, NewMexico (Santa Fe, New Mexico). The musicians themselves are inclined to believe, to call his style folk rock, and there are both national instruments and the usual guitars and drums in most of their songs.

Since its inception in the indie rock scene in 2006 for `Beirut` became favorites of fans and critics. Their sound has quickly become a popular and even inspired other musicians to further its development and expansion. English lyrics in their songs perfectly blend with the sound of folk instruments, guitars, gongs and a dozen other instruments that carry the listener into the distant past, at the time,when the national culture has not traveled globalization, destroying people`s motives, replacing them with the fact that ` modno`.

Though their first album was released in 2006, the year, the group appeared at the idea of the future singer and frontman Zach Condon (Zach Condon) long before that. He was born in 1986 in New Mexico, but moved frequently and ,both recognized his friends, I could never sit still. At age 15, he began studying music, inspired by the national Mexican music, which is not hard to hear in the southern states. Two years later, when he was barely 17 years old, Zach left high school to start working in the cinema ,where he first became acquainted with the European muzykoyi in particular was fascinated by Balkan folk music.

Soon, along with his brother Zack went to Europe and on his return passed the required exams and enrolled in the University of New Mexico (University of New Mexico), where he began to study Portuguese language and picture.With the help of a few friends Zack began recording material for the band`s first album - `Gulag Orkestar`. Entries interested producers, musician and soon signed a contract with the label `Ba Da Bing!`, Calling the group `Beirut`.

Zack`s debut album was released in May, 2006, which quickly received positive critical acclaim ,I noticed in the young musician`s sound interesting elements. In support of the album, the band gave several concerts in New York City (New York), in the organization of concerts he helped friends and they also played together with Zach live performances. The first music video of the group - a clip for the song `Elephant Gun` - was released a month after the album`s release. In 2007, the year they released their second album - `The Flying Club Cup`. But fans surprise knew no bounds when, instead of the usual sounds they heard otgooski French chanson, which is said to Zack, always attracted him. Album like critics who deservedly appreciated imagination and musical musician abilities.In support of the album, he has given several concerts, one of which went to individual disk `Cheap Magic Inside`.

In the spring of 2008 the band went on tour in the United States (United States), but in the beginning of April, the official website of the group came the news that the European tour is canceled due to extreme fatigue and employment Zack. It turned out that the musician protyazheniiposlednih months tirelessly working on their third album `March of the Zapotec`. The album was released in January of 2009.

After two years of relative calm `Beirut` reported fourth album ` The Rip Tide`, which, by tradition, has revealed a totally new sound. If earlier albums have focused on a specific culture or style, the new work has become one of its kind world tour without leaving home. On the disc, the songs were inspired by Mexican rhythms of French music, balkansimi motives and so on. In addition to the atmosphere, the musicians have changed the sound and ,making it more modern and more like indie rock and indie pop.

Interestingly, the group is constantly changing. Thus, over the years the band has played there more than 15 musicians and recorded albums like Zach admitted, participated more. Constantly musicians have created a third-party projects ,of which there are four today. As admitted in an interview with Zach, he is now working on a new album, though no details have not followed him.

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