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`Ben-Amun` - American fashion label, founded by Isaac Manevitsom (Isaac Manevitz). For more than 30 years engaged in the production of luxury fashion accessories (such as belts and zones) and no less elite jewelry.

The company was named after the eldest son of Isaac ,Ben (of Ben) and Egyptian (namely Egypt, Isaac was born) lords Tut (Tutankhamun).

Showrooms label situated in the immediate vicinity of belonging `Ben-Amun` factory in Manhattan (Manhattan); allowed in these rooms, however, by no means all - idle guests categorically closed the entrance here. It is in these showrooms and creates himself Isaac Manevits.

Manevits always been an ardent fan of the sculpture as a genre ; I love that he embodied in his work. Each of the works of Isaac in essence is a small work of art ; Manevits works mainly with unusual, non-traditional materials.In each of his masterpiece Isaac puts his heart and soul without a trace ; trims Manevits their creations down to the smallest detail. Acrylic resin, glass, pewter, crystal - all these materials Isaac turns into true masterpieces ; each of his creations in something unique - and none of them even did not disappoint the many fans of the wizard.Creation of jewelry, according to many, it`s almost a win-win - even a complete lack of talent is unlikely to spoil the noble materials such as gold and diamonds. Dwelling on debunking this fallacy is not necessary - not one designer burned on excessive faith in the power of gemstones and precious metals also. Perhaps this is why so Manevits loves working with unusual materials ; perhaps this is why he is not limited to jewelry. Belts and straps - again, from the perspective of the unenlightened masses - rather banal things and not giving space to the imagination ; however, anyone who at least once in his life had a chance to see whatthat of conventional belts makes Manevits, never repeat such folly. High quality Italian leather, filigree finishing the smallest details - every Isaac his belt confirms that a true wizard can create a masterpiece, even in seemingly dull area.Isaac Manevits not after a fashion - his works there is the passage of time and always remain relevant. Due creativity Manevitsa already given stars like Kate Moss (Kate Moss) and Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian).

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