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`Bensoni` - American fashion label. Created by Benjamin Channing Cliburn (Benjamin Channing Clyburn) and Sonia Yoon (Sonia Yoon).

`Bensoni Fashions` specializes exclusively in fashionable clothes for women; joint work of Benjamin Cliburn and Sonia Yoon is a shining example of modern women`s clothing - fashionable, stylish, yet comfortable and elegant. Clothes from `Bensoni` bought by those who want to express themselves through dress worn - and at the same time get the clothes comfortable, practical and suitable for everyday life. Style, power, energy, and yet the most elusive thing that makes a woman a woman; it is from these elements and create a real brand clothing `Bensoni`.Inspiration Benjamin and Sonia draw in the sources of the most extraordinary ; They were born the idea be implemented, using the best materials and all of his tailor`s skill ; Unlike a number of colleagues, Yong Cliburn and do not believe that only one idea is enough, and the quality of the resulting product - a thing of small import. The label has successfully been operating since, 2007 ; It sells its products in a variety of popular online stores - like `Barney`s` - and in some boutiques. They trade and Sonia Benjamin not only in America - at the moment of their affiliates label in more than 20 countries around the world. Benjamin and Sonia met at the Parsons School of Design (Parson School of Design) - one of the most famous and most prestigious educational institutions for future designers. Soon Yong Cliburn and realized that gravitate to the same aesthetic standards;their very first joint action - graduation thesis - has attracted much attention of fashion journalists. Noted diploma and college representatives - Benjamin and Sonia were nominated for the highly prestigious ` Designer goda` (Designer of the year).Some time Cliburn and Yuen gained experience under the guidance of more experienced designers - they had a chance to work in a `Donna Karan`,` Brioni`, `Giorgio Armani`,` GAP`; knownwhat Benjamin and Sonia instructed to develop a new Uniform for restaurant staff in the flagship building `Saks Fifth Avenue` - and his partner have coped brilliantly simple task. Long work for others, they were not going to - and already in 2007 the world was introduced their new joint project, a fashion label `Bensoni`.

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