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Birthday : 17.03.2008 year

Age: 8 years

Citizenship : United States


`Black & Denim` - an American company specializing in the production of finished menswear. Founded March 17, 2008 was the first. Headquarters-Company apartment is located in Tampa, Florida (Tampa, Florida).

In fact, Black & Denim` ` run by four young entrepreneurs - Roberto Torres (Roberto Torres), Michael Gill (Michael Gil), Chris Findeysen (Chris Findeisen) and Luis Montanes (Luis Montanez). Each of them has its own area of interest ;a unique combination of their common ideas and style finds and creates the very distinctive style, which has become famous thanks to the company as a whole.

Under the logo `Black & Denim` produced jeans, various accessories, shirts and T-shirts. Clothes made of black denim is now widely regarded as a classic - and absolutely ageless and immortal in all respects. Masters of the company are well aware of this property of their chosen materials and colors ; style for their new creations, they try to choose a match - classic clothing in the style of `casual`, bold ,sexy, and attracts the attention of the smallest details.

The secret of success `Black & Denim` is an organic combination of two basic elements - mysterious and seductive black and strong and durable denim.

Company masters draw inspiration in the sources of the most that neither is different - in historical works ,masterpieces of world culture and the latest trends of progress. It is known that the initial portion of the company must inspiration classic T-shirts and no less classic jeans ; however, its designers of these models have so many that blind imitation of the classics, and we are not talking. Clothing `Black & Denim` is a powerful tool in the hands of anyone who wants to show the world my entire personality.

The company`s products are made exclusively from American-made materials. Generally, the legendary ` American mechta` plays quite an important role in the works of the masters of the company - it is considered that the factwho is interested in this dream, it will be interesting to dress in clothes from `B & D`.

`Black & Denim` - outfits US not only in appearance style ; in the company`s products embodied the true American quality, manifested in all aspects of garment production - down to the smallest detail. American music, American culture ,very American style of life - all of this denim dress from `Black & Denim` literally soaked through. Adherence to the classical solutions allows the company to remain ` is mody` - and relieves the company of masters from having to chase the latest fashion novelties.Considerable attention in the development of new models of clothes and paid to issues of practicality - `Black & Denim` never create a denim suit, which will be pleasing to the eye of the beholder, simultaneously causing the wearer to the torments of hell. Along with stylish shirts and jeans in the style of `casual`,the company produces an equally stylish accessories of various kinds ; so for some time a great success with customers enjoys ` voennaya` line, consisting of a set designed by ` militari` bags and backpacks. It is possible that in the future, `Black & Denim` try and other areas ; however,black jeans will always be their trademark.

As mentioned above, initially the company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida ; Now the main exhibition hall moved to one of the largest, bustling and exciting for a fashion design cities in the country - New York (New York City).

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