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Year of birth : 1976

Age: 39 years

Place of birth : Hermosa Beach, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


One of the most interesting hardcoreteams came into existence thanks to the efforts of guitarist Greg Jinnah. This guy tired of the dominance of groups such as "Eagles", "Steely Dan" and "ELO", he decided it was time for a new sound.

Impressed by the simplicity and directness of the first album "Ramones", Djinn assembled a small team of people, who could barely handle the tools ,to begin the musical deconstruction. From the very beginning of its existence, "Black flag" were in opposition - because California is still not very suitable place for the hardcore. In general, it was amazing how the group has held the first four years.

Singers come and go, and sometimes the team played some instrumentals ,and go out into the microphone poorat could anyone in the audience crowd. The first more or less ustakanilos composition was as follows : Ginn (guitar) , Chuck Dukovski (bass) , Robo (drums) and Dez Cadena (vocals) . It is in this configuration, the first American tour took place in the late 1980s. Black flagVo the tour group had come for the boy by the name of Henry Rollins and once during one of his concerts, he jumped on the stage and sang with their idols one song. It was enough that he was asked to become the frontman of "Black flag", the more that Cadena was thinking to change the microphone on the guitar. Henry did not have long to persuade, he immediately sold their possessions and joined the ranks of the team, to continue their tour. The new lineup lasted until the end of the UK tour in 1981, but managed to record a debut album. In England I stuck drummer Robo, and the rescue of "Black flag" came from Bill Stevenson "Descendents".Meanwhile, label something tightened with the release of their second album, and the band decided to release it on their own. The result was that the group violated the contract and because of that was involved in a long trial. Despite this, the band released a collection of unsold items, however, are not becoming used "Black flag" name.Black flagV 1983 Dukovski team left, and at the sessions next record bass lines recorded Chuck, who has disappeared under the pseudonym Dale Nixon. New bassist (or rather bassist) showed up to the end of the year - it was Cyrus Rosslare. Next year has been busy - the band recorded two albums and toured extensively while in America ,and in Europe. Once "Black flag" even managed to play three concerts in different states within 24 hours. But 1985, the year proved to be even more active than the previous - already three albums were recorded at this time.

Unable to bear such hard work of the group soon left Rosslare and Stevenson. Place on drums took Anthony Martinez and basuhu caught Sal Revuelta. However, the updated composition did not leave behind any records and spent only one tour. In mid-1986, Greg Ginn gathered his colleagues and told them about his departure from the "Black flag", which automatically meant the dissolution of the team.

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