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Year of birth : 1970

Age: 45 years

Citizenship : United States


While "Black Oak Arkansas" never reached such heights as their counterparts in the shop "Lynyrd Skynyrd" and "Allman Brothers Band", but in the first half of the 70-x they still had some success, and their records are regularly present in the charts.

The group, originally dubbed "Knowbody Else", in the mid-60s established several long-haired teen - blockheads who, being unable to find a real job, turned their attention to the rock `n ` roll. Their names were James " Big Jim Dandy " Mangrum (vocals) Ricky " Ricochet " Reynolds (guitar) , Stanley " Goober " Knight (guitar), Harvey " Barley " Jett (guitar) , Pat Daugherty (bass) and Wayne Evans (drums) .

Money, of course, the guys did not have, so they secretly dragged equipment from a local school. The theft was discovered, and would-be musicians had to shift from the city to continue to not irritate oukskuyu police.For a while the guys hung out on nearby farms, and in 1969 moved to New Orleans. There the band signed to the "Stax Records" and released one album, to which no one paid any attention.

Black Oak ArkansasPeresmotrev their views, the guys did a bias psychedelia mixed with oriental flavor and skipped through their SouthBaptist roots. The maneuver allowed the team to find their own sound and gave reason to change the sign. Since then the team became known as "Black Oak Arkansas" vchest his hometown of Black Oak. Several visits to Los Angeles brought the group a contract with "Atlantic Records", which debut album came out in 1971. This work "BOA" and laid the recipe for the following releases : country serving, helping and serving sexuality hippie mysticism. In 1972, two out of the opus, "Keep The Faith" and "If An Angel Came To See You Would You Make Her Feel At Home?", To which the team continued their eclectic musical experiments. By this time, "Black Oak Arkansas" have become quite famous concert team, the cause of which were high-energy performances and sexy charisma of frontman Mangruma. The outcome of the concert of the group was the album "Raunch & Roll Live", which was released in 1973 and became one of the defining epoch lives provided background 70s.Black Oak ArkansasUspeh this plate was reinforced by the release of a new studio work, "High On The Dog", risen in the charts to the 52 th position and became the most commercially successful in the discography of "BOA". Swamp - boogie cover Lavern Baker "Jim Dandy", by Mangrumom duet with Ruby Starr, got into heavy rotation on the radio and went into the US Top 30. Two further records, "Street Party" and "Ain`t Life Grand", Arkansans brought several hits, but then fortune turned against them. In 1975, "Black Oak Arkansas" gone with "Atlantic", and their composition having up to that time of relative stability, the beginning of terrible fever. A team led by Mangrumom ,He has continued to perform and record, but albums such as "Balls Of Fire" and "I`d Rather Be Sailing" is no longer contained the former fire.

In the early 80`s Jim Dandy piled health problems (including those he had experienced a heart attack) and the project was shelved. By 1984, Mangrum yet recovered and with their counterparts weighted released two albums, "Ready As Hell" and "The Black Attack Is Back", but due to lack of promotion activities Arkansans again quickly come to naught. The next reunion took place only in 1999, when the Dandy ,Reynolds and Doherty decided to revive old and released a very good album "The Wild Bunch". Since then, the studio works "Black Oak Arkansas" did not go, but the band performed concerts sporadically.

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