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Citizenship : United States

BiographyPeter Hayes and Robert Turner met in 1995, when studied together at one of the schools in San Francisco. The boys became friends fast and one of the connecting links became their common interest in the work of such groups as the "Ride", "Stone roses", "Jesus & Mary Chain", "My bloody Valentine".

Having decided to establish a joint project ,Peter and Robert still went to different groups. However, they maintained friendly relations, and regularly attended concerts each other. Finally in 1998 the guys went out of their teams and united in a trio together with drummer Nick Jago. (Iago, an Englishman by birth, graduated from art school, before move to the States in 1996) . In the autumn of 1998, the first concert of the newly-made group received "Elements" name. As it turned out, the musicians were not original in their choice, so they had to choose a different name. After some deliberation it was decided to alter the sign to the "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club" - the so- called gang of bikers from the ancient film "The wild one" with Marlon Brando.

Black rebel motorcycle clubV 1999 " riders " recorded a 16-track demo -CD, all 500 copies of which were pretty fast rasprodanyna concerts of the group. Around the same time, the team changed the place of residence to Los Angeles. One copy of the demo fell into the hands of DJs radio "KCRW" (station famous for its project "Rare on Air"), from whose light hand "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club" song resounded in the air. Pretty soon incendiary noise rock, produced by " club ", has crossed the Atlantic and appeared on the BBCWhere DJ Sheffield appropriated creation " BRMC " title " demo of the week. "

Himself Noel Gallagher " Oasis is an " after hearing the song " bikers ", the team wanted to sign to his label. However, he had to stay away because intervened majeure company that organized the brawl for the right of the roof of the Californian trio. Battle won "Virgin Records", which was awarded a contract in March 2000.

Black rebel motorcycle club "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club" held a small US tour in the company of "Dandy Warhols" and went into the studio to prepare their debut LP. The combination of distorted and acoustic guitars along with a rasping vocalspresented at the "BRMC", it was made in the best traditions of "Jesus & Mary Chain" and "Velvet underground". In addition, the album is sometimes called association with the "Joy division", "Killing joke" and early "Oasis". Two years later, followed by a continuation of the debut, "Take them on, on your own". The style has remained roughly the same ,but guitar attack became a little rougher and more aggressive.

After the publication of "Take them on" the team parted ways with "Virgin records" and has signed two new contracts - with the British "Echo" and the American "RCA". At the end of the summer tour in 2004 the group left Iago, but a few months later the drummer returned to his seat. In August, 2005-first released their third album "BRMC", "Howl", which marked the group turn to the folky, psychedelic style of the 60s.

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