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This technicality metal band founded in 1993 by Canadian guitarist Rick Plester. Besides love for music with this guy also had a great interest in sports - he was a professional hockey player and played in leagues "IHL", "RHI", "WCHL".

Plestera even invited to their squad such as the "Pittsburgh Penguins" and "Anaheim Mighty Ducks". But back to his project "Black symphony".The original lineup also includes former frontman of "Riot" Rhett Forrester, Tim Waterson drummer and bass guitarist RJ Killinger of "Relish". Like many other teams configuration "Black symphony" is not stable. Of all the comings and goings of musicians most unlucky Forrester : six months after his departure from the group Rhett was found murdered. By the time their debut album composition was as follows : Rick Plester (guitar) , Mike Peirce (vocals) , Robbie Bennett (bass guitar) , Robert Vasisek (keyboards) and Jeff Martin (drums) . Black symphonyPosledny was known to many fans of rock music as a member of "Badlands", "Racer X" and "Surgical steel". A week later, on okonchaniisessy "Believe" Bennett was replaced by ex- member of "Forte" Roar Jones. The CD was released in 1996, the year the label "Nuela". However, the company released it voluntarily without the consent of the musicians themselves ,so the official release date of April 1998 became the first, when "Believe" was released by the German label "Rising sun". Records Promotion began with Europe, where "Black symphony" performed at the festival "Dynamo" and "Bang your head".

Then the group was invited to warm up "Dio", which attracted the " Black Symphony " metalhedov the attention of many. Against this background, the album sold well and soon its circulation exceeded 50,000 copies. Readers of the magazine "Rock hard" elected "Black symphony" best " unsigned " (without contract) , a group of 1998, and the drive took 24 th place in the charts of this publication.

Black symphonyPopulyarnost team jumped even more ,when she was invited on television to fill a pause in the national hockey league matches. Because of this with the work of the team were able to meet more than 70 million viewers in North America and other continents. In addition, the band has performed extensively in Europe and America, sharing venues with "Pantera", "Rammstein", "Death","Sevendust" and other celebrities and sometimes collecting up to 100,000 spectators. Despite the success, the fluctuations in the "Black symphony" continued. When Martin went to the "UFO" Plester greatly updated the team, inviting the role of frontman Rick Plamondon (ex- "Menace", "Skitzotic"), on keyboards - Matthias Berstroma ,and for the impact of planting Pete Holmes "Black N`Blue".

In this configuration, the second LP was recorded, "Tears of blood". The album went on sale in February 2002, and its first edition was supplemented by a bonus disc with covers of "Who", "Deep purple", "Queensryche" and "Black Sabbath".

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