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Year of birth : 1970

Age: 45 years

Place of birth : Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Citizenship : United States


Along with " Lynyrd Skynyrd " This group was one of the ringleaders of the so-called " southern rock ". The sign "Blackfoot" appeared in 1970, although the project founder Ricky Medlock has already managed to try himself as a bassist, guitarist, vocalist and drummer in a number of other teams. The remaining members of the " Blackfoot " Steel Partners Rica at the previous group, "Fresh garbage", Charlie Hargrett (guitar) , Greg Walker (bass) and Spayrs Jackson (drums) . Banda relocated from Florida to New York, but the charm of the "Big Apple " musicians do not have time to really enjoy. Medlock invited to knock on the "Lynyrd skynyrd",and "Blackfoot" broke up the first time.

However, in August 1972 Ricky revive the project with the participation of Hargretta, Spayrsa Lenny Stadler (bass) and Danny Johnson (guitar) . The group began to tour in the company of "Black Oak Arkansas", "Poco" and Johnny Winter.

BlackfootLenni for health reasons was forced to withdraw from the group ,and in its place came back Walker. But here Medlock had problems with the vocal cords and a few months the team rescued vocalist Patrick Jude. His first album "Blackfoot" was released only in 1974. "Reservations" represented a banal country rock and the company "Island records" did not even spin it in any way. The next release, "Flying high"Also suffered from a lack of promotion, but the group was able to ride in the company of Peter Frampton, "Kiss" and Ted Nugent. This success team felt in 1979, when moved to the label "Atco".

The album "Strikes", produced by Henry A century of "Brownsville station",I had a heavier sound than previous releases, and it is immediately reflected in the record sales. The disc support "Blackfoot" dvadtsatidvuhmesyachnye spent touring and circulation "Strikes" meanwhile reached the half million mark.

BlackfootV the early `80s gave the team a couple of " platinum " albums,"Tomcattin" and "Marauder". Now the group rightly performed at prestigious tours with the "Who", "AC / DC" and "Scorpions", and in 1981 the opening act for "Blackfoot" played "Def leppard". In addition, the team has participated in prestigious festivals in Reading and Donington. However, despite the excellent current state of affairs ,label began to put pressure on the musicians to those commercialized sound. In 1983, a team appeared keyboardist Ken Hensley with which "Blackfoot" recorded two albums, in the spirit of a typical American AOR.

Change of style led to a dismissal Hargretta, temporarily its functions performed Hensley ,and then moved on to guitar Bobby Bart of "Axe". However, because of the stupid policy of contention label seeds sprouted, and in 1984 the band split up again. Subsequently, the sign "Blackfoot" sometimes reappeared on the horizon, and again vanished into oblivion, sometimes leaving behind any albomishko.

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