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Year of birth : 2003

Age: 12 years

Place of birth : Fenik, Arizona, USA

Citizenship : United States

Recognized metalcore team

The sound of `Blessthefall` usually gets in the genres of metalcore, screamo, hristkor pastes or hardcore. On the band`s creativity was influenced by commands such as `Underoath`,` As I Lay Dying`, `Silverstein`,` The Get-Up Kids`, `Aerosmith` and ` Linkin Park`, plus a number of heavy metal bands.

`Blessthefall` Group was founded in Phoenix, Arizona (Phoenix, Arizona), in 2003. In the original part of it was the rhythm guitarist Mike Frisby and Eric Lambert,lead guitarist Miles Bergsma, drummer Matt Traynor, bassist and vocalist Jared Warth. Later, the team added Mebbitt Craig (Craig Mabbitt

After Bergsma threw `Blessthefall`, to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, they released a mini - album with three tracks, and Lambert became the lead guitarist. A contract was signed with the label `Science Records`, and then began a tour across the United States and Canada.

Their debut album `His Last Walk`, issued on 10 April 2007, has earned mixed reviews. There were sold over 65 thousand. Copies of the records. In September and October 2007, the rockers have become participants of the tour `The Black On Black Tour`.In the same year they obkatali all States in the framework of the tour `Warped Tour

`. At the end of 2007 Mebbitt, who decided to spend more time with her daughter, left the `Blessthefall`, and was replaced by Jared Warth.

Later Mabitt expressed desire to return, but the team would prefer to move on without him. This decision did not affect the friendly relations with Mebbitta vsemichlenami `Blessthefall`. In September 2008, a new lead vocalist Beau Bokan became (Beau Bokan), formerly in charge of the vocals in the band `Take the Crown`. In May 2009, after touring with bands such as `Silverstein`,` Norma Jean` and `Before Their Eyes`,It began work in the studio recording their second album, `Witness`. A contract was signed with the label `Fearless Records`, and produced the second album appointed Michael Baskett. `Witness` released October 6, 2009 - th.

In June 2010, the `Blessthefall` toured New Zealand (New Zealand), supporting the group ` Saosin`, followed by Australia (Australia),to support `Story of the Year` and again ` Saosin`. In October 2009 it was announced that `Blessthefall` working on a music video for the song ` What`s Left of Me`, and the video was submitted on 14 th December 2009.

February 15, 2011 - th it became known that Frisbee left `Blessthefall`. Elliott Grunberg, former participant `Legacy`,Dover answering for gitarnye parties ` Blessthefall`. Bokan zaavil what ego rebate not stanut vystupat? the Warped Tour ` 2011`, instead i nacnut to record the third full-length album, produsirovat? e o ` Elvis` Michael Baskett. Group ` Blessthefall` nadealas? connect to records Radke Ronnie (Ronnie Radke) Lambezisa and Tim (Tim Lambesis) but later abandoned the idea. The release of the third album, `Awakening`, held October 4, 2011 - th.

Record fourth album lasted from April 19, 2013, to August 20, 2013th. The album, entitled `

Hollow Bodies` fell to 15th place in the `Billboard 200` album chart and sold in the amount of 21888 copies in its first week.Producer Joey Sturgis release made (Joey Sturgis). Since `Blessthefall` presented three singles :` You Wear a Crown, But You`re No King`, `Deja Vu` and ` See You On

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