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Year of birth : 1992

Age: 23 year

Place of birth : San Diego, USA

Citizenship : United States

The most popular punk collective in North America`Blink 182` - American pop - punk band from San Diego (San Diego, California), formed in 1990 by guitarist Tom DeLonge (Tom DeLonge), bassist Mark Hoppus (Mark Hoppus) and drummer Scott Raynor (Scott Raynor).

The band`s history began in 1992, it was then that DeLong was expelled from school Poway High School,at the same time they say that they had cast him for drinking alcohol during a basketball game. Soon troubled teenager was transferred to the school Rancho Bernardo High School, where he almost immediately met with Anne Hoppus (Anne Hoppus), who soon introduced him to her brother Mark. Acquainted guys went to ride a skateboard ,and by the evening we started the band, dubbed `Duck Tape`. The name was soon changed to `Blink`, and later added to it three digits - 182. In place of a drummer friend called Mark - 14 -year-old Scott Raynor.

The debut record came out in May of 1993 and was recorded on a conventional tape recorder. Despite the ambitions of young musicians furore their work did not produce - according to Mark, ` cassette is still gathering dust in garazhe`.

Shortly after the recording guys and organized his first concert in his life ; only one institution in the city agreed to provide them with the stage - it was a bar on the outskirts of the city. The guys then bought 50 tickets ,hoping to sell to their friends, but few wanted to watch their performance. Already after the first few bars of the composition Visitors booed musicians and told to get out of those places ; so their first performance lasted just one song. Despite the disastrous debut, the guys continued to perform ,and soon their already well known at the local level.

By the mid -1990s to the creation of `Blink 182` drawn more and more young people. At the beginning of 1994 they released their first full-length album `Cheshire Cat`, which included both old and barely written lyrics.

Over the next two years, the pop - punkboom in America began to gain momentum, and it is on its wave of staff became more popular with each passing day. In 1996, the famous record company `MCA Records` guys offered a contract to which they answered, of course, yes.

Vsegocherez few months on store shelves, a new disk group `Blink 182`,called `Dude Ranch`. He was met at ` Hurrah ! ` As the critics and the audience, among which, of course, dominated by teenagers. For a while all even thought that `Blink 182` become an icon of some modern pop punk.

The most recognizable songs of the album, of course, were `Josie` and ` Dammit (Growing Up) `,it is with them talking about the group is already real.

During a tour in 1998, the group was faced with the problem - leaving Raynor to which musicians at that time were not ready. There are several theories otnositelnouhoda Scott, but most sources saythat drummer sent undergo treatment for alcohol dependence in one of the clinics of California (California). He was replaced by the drummer of the band `The Aquabats` Travis Barker (Travis Barker), who later became known as the main striker ` Blinka`. Travis `s personality was very remarkable - not onlythat his body is about 85 % covered with tattoos, he was perhaps the only one who could cope with the drums with only one hand.

By 1999, the ninth year `Blink 182` has become perhaps the most popular punk collective in North America. To create a new album was priglaen known music producer Jerry Finn (Jerry Finn),well known to many for his work with bands such as `Rancid` and ` MxPx`.

And after a while came the album `Enema of the State`, which became a real revelation for the musicians as well as for them, have very many fans. Over the next months, prime time television channel MTV was literally overflowing with clips `Blink 182`. So?, And today their famous video for the song `What`s My Age Again` looked at YouTube alone more than 10 million people ; however, it is not surprising - throughout the video, Tom, Mark and Travis are running through the streets of Los Angeles is absolutely bare. The iconic album and songs were `Adam`s Song` and ` All the Small Things`.In total, it sold about 8 million copies of the disc, making the album `Enema of the State`, by far, the most popular work of the group at that time.

In 2000, he was released the first album ` zhivoy` ,` The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show: The Enema Strikes Back`;to drive the guys sang songs from the previous three albums and played the first song `Man Overboard`. The album was released in limited edition and is still in great demand among fans of the group.

A year later came another and no less eminent album `Take off Your Pants and Jacket`.At this time, the audience muzykantyepatirovali such songs as `When You Fucked Grandpa`,` Mothers Day`, `Jacket` ,.

By 2002 th year, Tom DeLonge began working on his solo project outside `Box Car Racer`. Soon he began routinely to help Barker, sat down for a drum kit. However,and Mark Hoppus did not last long - in his own words, he felt detached from ` kollektiva`.

In 2003, the year the boys `Blink 182` released a self-titled album, later called by critics the most ` adult on zvuchaniyu`. It was no longer the fervent guitar riffs and revolutionary texts ,they were replaced by strumming an acoustic guitar and a melodic voice Hoppus, okazavshysya, by the way, perfect for execution love ballads. In spite of the sharp change in style, fans hit a new disk group for the soul, and the composition `I Miss You`,` Always` and `Feeling This` habitually took their places in the rankings.

In 2004-year relationship between the members of the group more strained : Tom did not want to record an album in Los Angeles (Los Angeles), but because Travis had every day to go to San Diego and show the recorded material per day.

For a long time, however, this did not last, and a few months later the scandal broke ,in which a group of `Blink 182` suspended for several years musical activities.

It is known that Hoppus and

Barker has flatly refused to take another guitarist, saying that `Blink 182 - the brainchild of the three of us and one bolshe`. Instead, they created a new band ` 44` + and went on to play zaboristy punk rock in the spirit of the 90s.At the same time, the record company took the liberty to release, as they believed, the band`s latest album `Greatest Hits`, immediately after took the 6th place in the hit parade ` The Billboard 200`.

February 8, 2009, at the ceremony of ` Gremmi` (Grammy award) Award participants ` Blink 182`, to the ineffable joy of the fans ,They announced their reunion. According to the musicians, the output of their new album is scheduled for the middle of 2011

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