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Year of birth : 2000

Age: 15 yearsPlace of Birth : Portland, Oregon, USA

Citizenship : United States

Style comes in the game

`Blitzen Trapper` - American alternative band, whose style is a synthesis of alternative rock, country and folk. The group was founded in 2000, in Portland, Oregon (Portland, Oregon), and since its inception has released 7 studio albums ,two mini-albums and three singles.

It is said that for the success of the musicians on stage have to be honest - just play the music that they like, and which echoes their heart. Alas, for the participants `Blitzen Trapper` find the style was not so simple : during the first years after the founding of the band veering between light rock and country music ,then to inadvertently break into the art- rock and return to the stage with a classic acoustic folk sound - and this is only the beginning. Over the years spent in the music scene, `Blitzen Trapper` earned perhaps the most diverse audience : among their fans have hardened fans of art-rock, the older generation ,that the group attracts country music sound, similar to those that brought glory to Neil Young (Neil Young), as well as young people have noticed in the work of `Blitzen Trapper` echoes of indie - folk - style, gained immense popularity in recent years. Interestingly, vprochm that the musicians themselves are not sure what lies ahead ; so Eric Early`s (Eric Earley),founding member and songwriter, says that will not be surprised if someday group will discover new artists, find new influence and, as a result, begin to play something completely new, then their previous work will look past stage or, as they say the musicians themselves, growing stages.`Blitzen Trapper` Group was founded in 2000, in Portland, Oregon. The founder of it, Eric Early`s, began to learn to play the guitar at the age of three and has since tried his hand at a variety of styles and directions. The other band members were his friends or just acquaintances musiciansresponded to his idea of creating their own group. The first time, as participants `Blitzen Trapper` remember, they wrote songs without a clear idea of just radyas that chord progressions sound smooth, and the lyrics more or less reflect their position in life or views - or at least lay down smoothly to the music. With time,however, they began more productive years. After the self-titled album in 2003, the band began to tour more often, but, unfortunately, the search for a sponsor delayed.

In 2005, the album `Field Rexx`, which was released on the band also released their own expense. Nakhon 2007-the year he was lucky : the third studio album `Wild Mountain Nation` soon after received positive reviews from critics, after which its sales were only a matter of time. At the same time with a group of representatives contacted the label `Sub Pop` to bid for the contract. Of course, the band members could not refuse such an offer ,they had been waiting for the past few years.

Only a year later the band presented the album `Furr`, not knowing that the record will glorify them all over the world. One by one the critics have written extremely flattering, but many music publications and all published material about the past work of the group. The final point was the review in the journal `Rolling Stone` and the subsequent emergence of the album on the 13th place with the hit parade of the best albums of 2008. The title track from the album took the 4th place in the ranking of the best singles of the year.

Two further rabotgruppy - `Destroyer of the Void` and ` American Goldwing`, - released in 2010 and 2011, years. respectively,It was popular, but, as often happens, reinstall especially against the background of a successful operation. In 2013, the year on the shelves appeared seventh studio album - `VII`. The album was the first work released on the label `Vagrant Records`. Shortly thereafter, the band re-released their first album `Blitzen Trapper`, released 10 years ago.

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