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Year of birth : 1977

Age: 38 years

Place of birth : Teesside, United States

Citizenship : United States

BiographyThe guys have borrowed the name from the eponymous group `Ramones` songs. They released three singles - in June 1977, in January of 1978 and September of 1978.

Punk band `Blitzkrieg Bop` was born in 1977 in Teesside, England (Teesside, England). The guys have borrowed the name from the eponymous group `Ramones` songs. They released three singles - in June, 1977 ,In January of 1978 and September of 1978. A collection of all the singles and unreleased material included in the release of `Top of the Bops (Overground)` 1998, which was completely sold out.

John Hodgson (John Hodgson), known as Frank Blanc (Blank Frank); Alan Cornforth (Alan Cornforth), known as Knox Nicky (Nicky Knoxx); and Damien Blackwell (Damian Blackwell),known as Telly Sett (Telly Sett), were the main part of `Blitzkrieg Bop`. Initially, all three played in a rock band `Adamanta Chubb`, formed in 1974. After a couple of failed attempts to curl the trio of himself and repeated the composition shift, a group `Adamanta Chubb` in February 1977 turned into a ` Blitzkrieg Bop`,and it was joined by Hilton Mick (Mick Hylton), known as Sick Mick (Mick Sick), and Anne Hodgson (Anne Hodgson), known as Gloria (Gloria).

Eight-week stay at the hotel `Speedway` made the band popular in the neighborhood. Relying on a small local success, `Blitzkrieg Bop` recorded their debut single ` Let`s Go` / `Bugger Off` /` 9 Till 5`.In early June 1977, the label `Mortonsound` released only 500 copies of the single. By this time, guitarist Damien Blackwell quit the group in which four members left.

The single was sold out in a couple of weeks and received several positive reviews in the music press at the national level, including the `New Musical Express`.After reading one of the reviews, the representative of the label `Lightning Records` asked the group to rewrite the ` A` side of the second single `Blitzkrieg Bop` and add to the side of ` B` new song, `Life Is Just A So-So` and ` Mental Case`.

In 1977, the band gave concerts regularly playing the opening act for such commands as `Ultravox!`, `Radio Stars` and ` The Saints`.Ann Hodgson decided to leave, and its place in September 1977 took the Radford Ray (Ray Radford), known as Ray Gunn (Ray Gunn), an old friend of John Hodgson. By December 1978, `Blitzkrieg Bop` recorded in London (London), two new songs ,` (You`re Like A) UFO` and `Viva Bobby Joe`. The latter was a cover version of the hit single of the 1960s group `The Equals`.Further performances were held at the concerts of groups like `Penetration`,` Roogalator`, `X-Ray Spex`,` Generation X` and `Slaughter & The Dogs`. Last `Blitzkrieg Bop` invited to participate in the British round of the ` Do It Dog Style`- th 1978, which was scheduled for April and May. The tour started brilliantly ,but the decline in sales of tickets and poor organization have upset all the plans after only a few performances. After this fiasco group `Blitzkrieg Bop` threw Ray Radford. In its place came quickly Mickey Dunn (Mickey Dunne), known as Presley Bert (Bert Presley), the group `The Lice`.The new material was recorded with the expectation of commercial success of, and reliance on power pop and New Wave sound. The Group continued performance in the summer of 1978, opening concerts `The Adverts`,` Ultravox! ` And ` The Doctors Of Madness`.

In September 1978, bassist Mick Hilton found that the group simply ceased to develop, and left ,passing the baton to another member of `The Lice`, Moses Graham (Graham Moses), known as Moses Kid (Kid Moses). Around the same time, the third and final single was released, `UFO`, perceived cool. This fact is even more spoiled the mood of the participants `Blitzkrieg Bop`, and in November 1978, they had gone from manager Larry Otteuey (Larry Ottaway).In January 1979, the Group experienced a slight rise when the single `Let`s Go` entered the compilation ` Waves` label `Bomp!`. But by February, the euphoria has passed, and John Hodgson left the group `Basczax`. A few days later he was joined by drummer Alan Cornforth. In 1999, John, Mickey Dunn, Graham Moses and Ray Radford reunitedto perform at a concert in Middlesbrough (Middlesbrough).

The original 7 - inch single `Let`s Go` label ` Mortonsound` became one of the most coveted artifacts punk era. Its price on eBay is about 300 pounds.

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