Picture of Blondie

Year of birth : 1974

Age: 41 year

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


" Of Blondie " is one of several groups of "new wave", who grew up on punk rock. True,the participants all the way refused to categorize his music, but for all time the existence of the style varied from punk and hard rock to reggae, disco and hip-hop.

Former waitress Debbie Harry began her artistic career in the all-girl team "The Stilettoes", and then played in a folk band "Wind In The Willows". In 1974 in NewYork she met a student guitarist Chris Stein, and the couple decided to stir up the project.

The group to which the following year joined by drummer Clem Burke, bassist Gary Valentine and keyboardist Jimmy Destry, called "Blondie" nicknamed singer. Always hovering in the central New York clubs such as "CBGB`s","Max`s Kansas City" and "Mothers", the team quickly gained popularity. In 1976, "Blondie" recorded their self-titled debut LP.

BlondiePlastinka liking students and staff went on a tour across the United States, playing the opening act for David Bowie and Iggy Pop. In 1977, they released their second album, "Plastic Letters",and the group, meanwhile, began its expansion in Europe and Asia. World success came to "Blondie" in 1978, when they were starting with "Denis Denis" began churning out hit after hit. Almost all of the singles were present in the top lines of the charts, and the album "Parallel lines" has sold 20 million copies. The most cool things as steel composition "Sunday girl" and "Heart of glass". By that time, " Blondie " almost forgotten their punk roots and shifted to the pop market.

In the wake of the success of Debbie started acting in films and her first film was "Union city".The fourth and fifth albums continued to lead a group to conquer the musical Olympus and enjoyed great popularity among music lovers. Needless to say, that both of these are platinum disc.

BlondieV 1981, Harry began to try himself in his solo career, releasing a disc "Koo Koo". Somewhere in this period, there were differences Comana ,who later became the cause of a more serious strife. To these were added the troubles that Stein discovered a serious disease. Somehow domuchiv album "The hunter", who had a small success, the band announced the dissolution of the group. Debbie was engaged in filming and release solo albums, Jimmy plunged into family problems ,Chris became a producer and Clem continued making music, touring with different teams.

It took as many as 16 years before former colleagues came together again. In 1999, "Blondie" released the album "No exit", sold more than 2 million copies. The most remarkable it was the song "Maria",It topped the charts in 14 countries. The group spent a couple of global European and American tours, and then re- entered the studio to please his fans a new album.

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