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The history of this group began in 1985, when, under the guise of "Blood lust" gathered four young people in Bayonne (New StateJersey). I called these guys Kevin Kuzma (drums) , Luis Starita (bass) , Gary Markowitz (vocals) and Adam Tranquillo (guitar) .

Almost all of them have already had some musical experience, however, mostly relating to the execution of covers. All four were just obsessed thrash and preferred gangs such as "Exodus", "Destruction", "Sodom","Celtic frost", "Metallica". About a year after playing other people`s songs, "Blood lust" moved to its own material, and in February 1986 recorded four songs, trapped in the demo "The suicidal missions".

This work did not satisfy several musicians and sound to weight the team was introduced a second guitarist, Michael Basden. In May, 1986-th of community representatives expressed interest in "New Renaissance Records" and included a couple of songs "Blood lust" in their collections "Thrash metal attack" and "Speed metal hell Volume 3 ".

Blood feastOba track is not created anew, but merely borrowed from demoplenki. Shortly after the release of the compilation appeared,that "Metal blade" command already exists with a similar name, and in order to avoid legal collisions guys renamed its project "Blood feast". In June, the Group entered into a "New Renaissance" album deal and started creation of the debut album. Despite the agreement with the company, the musicians had to finance the session.The production work was unimportant, and the situation saved the only incendiary energy and drive of the team.

Although promotion from the label has been minimal, "Kill for pleasure" was the best-selling release in the "New Renaissance". Promotion of the album contributed to the dynamic representation of the group ,traditionally always ends bagatelle classic "Celtic frost", "Into crypts of rays".

Blood feast Rumors of "Blood feast" spread around the world, and many underground metal edition napechaali articles about Thrasher from New Jersey. Here the label realized that the need to strike while the iron is hot, and drove back to the studio musicians. But the new material the band then was not enough, so was born the EP "Face to face", which included a total of four compositions. When "Blood feast" next time do studio work, the composition of the gang was reduced to a quartet, as Adam Tranquillo had to leave. The remaining four recorded demo "The last remains",and the following year the second full-length album was made on its basis.

"Chopping block blues", was released in February 1990, it was the last for the group. Shortly after his release, the label "New Renaissance Records" went bankrupt, and after it broke up and the team itself. Only in 1999, "Blood feast" gave only one concert ,appearing at the festival "March Metal Meltdown" in New Jersey.

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