Blood On The Wall

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Year of birth : 2000

Age: 15 years

Citizenship : United States


Once Courtney Shanks walked home with friends from a music store. Waiting for your long-distance train, she spotted a guy who traded plates in the corner of the house. It was Miggi Littleton. They quickly found a common language, soon became the best of friends and members of the future group.

Meanwhile, the brother of Courtney Brad Shanks, who had just graduated from college in Lawrence, Kansas. While in the first four months of alkomarafone, he could not find a job, no girl. Fortunately, he accidentally crashed his car ,thus rescued a considerable amount from the insurance company. Not wasting a minute, Brad moved to her sister to join her band.

Jokes for the newly formed group represents friends like Blood On The Wall (" Blood on the wall ") . Name more appropriate any Goth, black metal or metalcore team from California, rather than indi-rockers from the East Coast. But gradually become accustomed to it and decided to leave.

Preheat the guys slowly : in 2000, was given only three concerts. In 2001 we managed to record seven songs, two of which were released on their own. The rest they thought shit. Behind the trio for two full-length albums : the eponymous Blood On The Wall and Awesomer.

Courtney Miggi and Brad manages to perfectly combine dance melodies and lo-fi / noyzovoe sloppiness. It fits perfectly into a cheeky boy-girl vocals. One feels that they get great pleasure from this. In the work BOTW can catch echoes of many groups of early and mid -90s, worked in a similar style : from the Pixies to Yo La Tengo.

In the near future they could have done a lot of noise. If not naplyuyut everything.

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