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BiographyThis American team in practice, embodied the idea of departing from the traditional blues through the use of expanded brass section.

The driving force is based in New York City in the summer of 1967 the ensemble was Al Kooper. C summer of 1965 E Cooper served in the ranks of the white blues "The blues project". After the band`s second album Cooper left there ,taking with him a rhythm guitarist Steve Katz. The third member of the new project was Bobby Colomby. In 1967 Katz, Colombi and Cooper began to pick up the other members of the ensemble. Bobby Colomby had in mind a few people know to work together. Fred Lipsius has impressed him as his musical talents ,arranger and abilities. Bassist Jim Fielder worked with Frank Zappa. Trombonist Dick Halligan childhood played on different instruments and was well acquainted with the classics. In early 1968 the group became an octet : they were joined by trumpeter Randy Brecker and Jerry Weiss.

In March, the debut album was released ,striking the imagination versatility compositions. In addition to the beautiful songs Cooper`s "I Love You More Than You`ll Ever Know" and "I Can`t Quit Her" attracted the attention of an ambitious "The Modern Adventures Of Plato, Diogenes And Freud". Although by 1969 the record has become the " gold ", the critics have been set quite cold, which caused Al Cooper. For Cooper went Brecker and Weiss. Group nearly collapsed. After a reshuffle among the wind instruments and finding a new vocalist, Fred Lipsiuis played a significant role in reviving the band after the departure of Cooper, Brecker and Weiss. In the team they were replaced by Chuck Winfield (trumpet, flugelhorn ;. P 5 February 1943, Monessen, USA) , Lew Soloff (trumpet, flugelhorn, p. February 20, 1944, New York) and Jerry Hyman (trombone ; p May 19, 1947, New York) .. The longest in the world of rock music " cooked " the new singer David Clayton - Thomas (b. September 13, 1944, Surrey, UK) .

Despite heavy losses, the team has found the formula for success. Released in early 1969, "Blood,Sweat And Tears " for seven weeks led shtatovsie charts received within three months after the release status. " Gold ", the disc has sold two million copies At the end of the year. " Blood, sweat and tears " received" Grammy " in three categories - for single and album of the year for the best instrumental performance. The album " 3 " appeared in July 1970 and was carried out on a similar musical formula. It was with him began the gradual degradation of a music band. Nevertheless, already in the first week the album sold over a million copies. The fourth disc created with two guest musicians - Don Heckman (clarinet, bassclarinet) and Michael Smith (Congo) - was released in June of 1971. The only hit was catchy with it, the "Go Down Gamblin`". Further interest in the ensemble began to slowly disappear. By mid-1971 began internal divisions in the group. At the beginning of 1972 "Blood, sweat and tears" left Clayton - Thomas. His example was followed by Dick Halligan and Fred Lipsius. Instead, there were several musicians : singer Jerry Fisher (1943 p.) , Guitarist Georg Vadenius (Sweden p.) , Saxophonist - flutist Lou Marini and keyboardist Larry Willis (born 1942, New York.) . The new lineup debuted on the album "New Blood".In early 1973, the ensemble left Steve Katz and Chuck Winfield. He was replaced by Tom Malone (trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, saxophone) .

Exit punctually albums resembled each other like twins, from the former independence was gone. As a result, in 1973, "Blood, sweat and tears" disintegrated.But in August 1973, there was created under the guidance of producer Steve Tyrell "No Sweat", where the number of employed musicians passed for two decades : from Steve Katz and Chuck Winfield to a charge of stringed Paul Buckmaster, a trio of girls on vocals, and as many as three synthesist.

The team left fielder Jim, Lew Soloff ,Lou Marini and Tom Malone. Among the newcomers were the bassist Ron McClure and trumpeter Tony Klatka and Bill Tillman (saxophones, flute, clarinet) and Jerry Lacroix (vocals, saxophone, flute, harmonica) . A year later came the "Mirror Image", recorded with Colombo, Fischer, Lacroix, Klatkoy, Willis, Vadeniusom, Bardzheronom McClure and Tillman. The album again suffered from an abundance of strings and synthesizers. After that, the team went from Jerry Fisher and Jerry Lacroix, who was replaced by Joe Georgiana (trumpet, flugelhorn) . At the end of 1974 at the concert hall in Chicago "Mister Kelly" with a group made Clayton - Thomas, rejoin the "Blood, sweat and tears".From the original line-up at that time was only Bobby Colomby. Released in April 1975, "New City" demonstrated that "Blood, sweat and tears" has sunk to a pure pop music.

Another change in the composition of the group has deprived Vadeniusa, McClure and Georgiana, but they added bassist Danny Triphala, guitarist Mike Stern ,trumpeter Forrest Buktella and perkussionista Dona Elias. Owing to comment this " More Than Ever" group left Colomby and Elias, kotoryh replaced drummer Roj Makkerdi. Poavivsijsa in May 1980 year latest album " Blood, sweat and tears ", " Nuclear Blues " was recorded octet of Clayton - Thomas, Bruce Cassidy (Trumpet, Flugelhorn) Bobby saves (drums, percussion) , David (bass) and Robert Piltchey (guitar) , Richard Martinez (piano, organ, clarinet, synthesizer) , Earl Seymour (bariton- and tenor saxophone, flute) and Vernon Dorje (viola - and soprano sax, flute). The disc marked a desire to return to the old, fatal Sound.In the eighties, Bobby Colomby and David Clayton - Thomas collected "Blood, sweat and tears" several times for live performances.

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