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Christian metal band "Bloodgood" was founded in the early 80`s ex-vocalist "Joshua" Les Carlson, bassist Michael Bloodgood, guitarist David Zaffiro (ex- "Morning star", "Cypress") and drummer JT Taylor.

In 1983, the band released a promo cassette "Metal Missionaries". In those days it was still hard to imagine that Christians would play in such an extreme genre, but ,such as the opening track on the debut album "Bloodgood" represented the purest water thrash.

Records publication was made possible by the producer and Christian music veteran Darrell Mansfield, who added the group on "Frontline records". In 1987 published a second studio album, "Detonation",in the creation of which was attended by a new drummer Mark Welling. The album was very successful, and the composition "Battle Of The Flesh" has become a classic speed metal.

BloodgoodEtot release as well as the first took a good place in religious charts, and "Bloodgood" hastened to go on their first big tour. On this tour the band pretty enough of hardship, as organizers of concerts not react properly to their work. Despite this fact, a group of viewers everywhere greeted very favorably. Upon returning to his native Seattle to the team rolled producer Terry Sheltonwhich is in search of a fast buck has offered the team to change the direction and play melodic rock. However, the calculation was wrong and sales of "Rock In A Hard Place" significantly inferior to "Detonation". The only plus was that the tour in support of the album went more smoothly than the previous one.

Change the style and change the composition caused. First, the group left Mark Welling (he was replaced by Kevin Whistler) , and before recording "Out Of The Darkness" series "Bloodgood" left and David Zaffiro, who preferred to come to grips with the education of his second child, simultaneously earning a producer.

BloodgoodUhod David meant significant losses for the team ,because it is a significant part of the audiovisual image "Bloodgood". Vacancy filled sessionschik Paul Jackson, who made his debut in the "Out Of The Darkness", the album on which the band returned to the " metal " sound. However, the record was not able to repeat the success of the first two drives ,and then the musicians have tried to rectify the situation with the help of live albums coming out in the audio and the video version. In 1991 came the last studio album, "All Stand Together", which was followed by a tour of Russia and Germany.

In the same in Germany in 1993 it was recorded live and the third, "To Germany With Love". Incidentally,on this release pounded already a new drummer, Paul Rorbek. This configuration lasted until 1994, after which it was announced the dissolution of the "Bloodgood". The revival of the team took place in 2002 as part of Carlson, Bloodgood, Jackson and Jeff McCormack (drums) .

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