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Year of birth : 1967

Age: 48 years

Citizenship : United States


The American band "Blue cheer", named one of the gallyutsionogenov, best known for his experiments with the sound volume. The team was founded on the ruins of "San Francisco blues band" Dickie Peterson (bass) , Leigh Stephens (guitar) and Paul Whaley (drums) .

The original lineup was also attended by the singer, keyboardist and another guitarist, but they soon disappeared, fearing for their eardrums. At the beginning of 1968-first released their first single "Blue cheer" Eddie Kochrena song "Summertime Blues", who finished 14 th place in the "Billboard".

The group then enjoyed success, and even went so far that she had played the opening act for "Pink Floyd". Soon came the first album, "Vincebus Eruptum", which became the most commercially successful release of the band. The album immediately landed in the top ten best American. On the subsequent tour of the keyboard took Ralph Burns Kellogg.

Blue cheerVtoroy album, "Outside inside" fully justifies its name because of the incredible volume of out of order studio monitors, and the remaining material had to record outdoors. However, this did not save Stephens, and he became deaf during the sessions (later he bit oklemalsya and even engaged in a solo career) . New guitarist became Randy Holden, who has participated in the creation of less aggressive album "New! Improved!". Holden stayed in "Blue cheer" for long and soon gave way to Gary Yoder. Personnel changes were not over. When Whaley on drums was replaced by Norman Maiella, the group barely had time to write the fourth record as guitarist lost again. After some searching, Bruce Stephens took the position of "Mint tattoo".Two follow-up album had little commercial success and is not even present in the US charts. This situation is in no way pleased musicians, and in the early `70s, it was announced the dissolution of the "Blue cheer".

Blue cheerV 1975, Peterson was trying to revive the project with new colleagues, but this idea was soon collapsed. Next resuscitation took place in 1978, when gathered together Peterson and Whaley Stephens, call for help Kesh brothers. But this version did not last long. Another comeback took place in 1984, consisting of: Peterson, Vail and Tony Rainer (guitar) . At this time, before the next collapse of the musicians managed to record an album. After 80-and for a 90 sign "Blue cheer" and disappeared from the musical horizon, then it reappeared. Unchanged team member throughout remained only Dickie Peterson. In 1999, the year when, during a Japanese tour was recorded live album "Hello Tokyo, Bye Bye Osaka", the company he formed Paul Whaley and Andrew MacDonald. "Blue cheer" is still revered as one of the pioneers of stoner rock. They played covers of bands like "Smashing pumpkins" and "Mudhoney", and the Italian label "Black Widow" released the album "Blue Explosion", dedicated group.

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