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American performance group Blue Man Group, known for its eccentric theatrical numbers with the use of unusual musical instruments.

If you mix theater, visual arts, science and vaudeville, the play on the unusual percussion instruments and sineshkuryh three children - that will come just a team ,a special event in modern American culture, which is called the Blue Man Group. Participants of the New York-based trio called Met Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink. Not very long ago the debut album " Audio " was nominated for the award " Grammy " in the category " Best Instrumental Pop Album ". Released in 2000 ,the album reached gold status in 2002.

Their another disc The Complex is largely different from the previous one. In it the group has moved away from a purely instrumentalnoymuzyki and released essentially rock and roll record, invited to collaborate on a plate for artists such as Dave Matthews, Gavin Rossdale, Tracy Bonham,Dan The Automato and others. Recorded with Gavin Rosedale from the group BUSH song " Home " was included in the soundtrack of the recent blockbuster " Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines. " And the song I Feel Love is the original cover version of the classic disco hit.

In order to carry a live version of the album in America ,team invited to cooperate most famous production designer Mark Brickman, which in the past have worked Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Genesis, Nine Inch Nails. The tour in support of the new album took place this summer and it was very successful.

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