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The group was created through the efforts of the two authors of rock songs Sandy Pearlman and Richard Meltzer. In New York, for the performance of the songs they picked themselves a team, to change the name like a glove : "Cows", "Soft White Underbelly", "Oaxaca".

By 1969, the team stopped at the sign "Stalk-Forrest Group " and included Eric Bloom (born 11 December 1944 ;. Guitar, vocals), Donald Rouzera (born November 12, 1947,. Guitar, vocals), Allen Laniera (keyboards, guitar), Joe Bouchard (born 9 November. 1948 ; bass, vocals) and Albert Bouchard (drums) . The quintet released the single "What Is Quicksand" and then finally changed its name to "Blue oyster cult".

Early releases combined riffs in the style of "Black Sabbath" and mystical texts, creating a definition of " intellectual heavy metal. " Mysterious track titles such as "A Kiss Before The Redap" and "OD`d On Life Itself", created kakoy-the polubaykersky, poluookkultny image assiduously sculpted Perlman.

Blue oyster cultKompozitsiya "Career Of Evil" from the album "Secret Treaties", co-written with

Patti Smith gave the team more commercial sound, manifested in the song, done in the style of "Byrds" - an international hit "(Don`t Fear) The Reaper".Smith continued its cooperation with the band on the album "Agents Of Fortune", writing "Debbie Denise" and "The Revenge Of Vera Gemini". An affair with Allen Lanierom, she later added the song "Shooting Shark" in the album "The Revolution By Night". Meanwhile pisatel-fiction writer Michael Moorcock contributed to the albums "Mirrors" and "Cultosaurus Erectus".

However, with the release of live album "Some Enchanted Evening" most creative period "Blue oyster cult" began to draw to a close, despite the minor success of the single "Joan Crawford Has Risen From The Grave". The band`s popularity was maintained only by regular tour ,This was particularly noticeable in the tour "Black And Blue" in tandem with the "Black Sabbath".

Blue oyster cult In 1981, Albert Bouchard was replaced on drums, Rick Downey. In 1982 Rouzer released his first solo album. Bouchard also recorded a solo album, but to release it and could not. This CD titled "Imaginos" released in processing "Blue oyster cult" in 1988. The album, despite its dubious origin, was called by critics the best release of the group over the past few years. Later, Joe Bouchard left the band and in the company of Neil Smith, Dennis Dunaway ,Charlie Khan and Jay Johnson muddied "Dead Ringer" project.

In 1992, "Blue oyster cult" recorded the soundtrack to the horror film "Bad Channels". Studio work group resumed only in 1998, releasing their first album "Heaven Forbid" for ten years.

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