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BLUES BROTHERS (Blues Brothers), the American actor duo of Jake Blues and Elwood Blues. Jake Blues (Jake Blues; real name - John Belushi (John Belushi; January 24, 1949, Chicago - March 5, 1982, Los Angeles, vocals) and Elwood Blues (Elwood Blues; now the name of Dan Aykroyd (Dan Aykroyd; p 1. July 1952, Ottawa, vocals, harmonica) .

In 1977, they warmed up the audience before the start of filming of the popular television show Saturday Night Live.It has long been carried away by the blues, they expertly developed image, representing a good parody of the "golden Springtime " soul and rhythm and blues of the 1950s : baggy suits, ties narrow ribbon, felt hats, blackout glasses - all black. His speech flavored blues outdated slang. On the stage, the end of the 70s ,who throws it in punk, the new wave, BLUES BROTHERS seem anachronistic, but their performances have sparked cheerful to the absurd humor. Humor and virtuosity, they made up for the limitations of the actual musical talent as well, that were made before the main etheric part of the concert. In September 1978 their first album was recorded ,whose repertoire consisted entirely of hits rhythm and blues era. In 1979, the album went "platinum", two songs from it entered the Top20 Billboard magazine. BLUES BROTHERS become a cult band. Released in 1980 the movie " The Blues Brothers " in the first two months brought $ 32 million box office. BLUES BROTHERS first announced ,that their version of " do not stand a penny " in comparison with the originals. Records duo did not contain musical discoveries, but few have done so much to popularize the blues as they are. Their effort has revived interest in the general public to the music of Aretha Franklin (Aretha Franklin), Ray Charles (Ray Charles), Cab Calloway (Cab Calloway),James Brown (James Brown) and John Lee Hooker (John Lee Hooker). In the best years of playing blues scene veterans, some of them took part in the recording of the songs, which revived the " Blues Brothers " in the BLUES BROTHERS band : guitarist Steve Cropper (Steve Cropper), bassist Donald " Duck " Dunn (Donald Duck Dunn),guitarist Matt " Guitar " Murphy (Matt Guitar Murphy). Belushi`s death from a drug overdose, appeared to rule out the slightest possibility of the continuation of the history of the duo. However, 15 years later, and black suits and sunglasses, and inimitable dance again revived on the stage and on the silver screen. Brothers were three : to Dan Aykroyd joined Jim Belushi (John`s brother) and John Goodman (John Goodman). In 1997 there was an album with a record of their big concert with participation of stars of modern blues and veterans of the Chicago scene, a video entitled "The Return of The Blues Brothers " ; began shooting the film " Blues Brothers 2000 ".

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