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Blues Traveler (Blues Traveler), American blues- rock band. Founded in 1988 in New York Composition of John Popper (John Popper) (vocals, harmonica) ; Chan Kinchla (Chan Kinchla) (guitar) ; Shinen Bobby (Bobby Sheehan) (mind August 20, 1999.) (Bass guitar) ; Brendan Hill (Brendan Hill) (drums).

The group formed a singer John Popper. BLUES TRAVELER were some of the followers of blues

rivayvla fatal to him "a jam" displays sample 1960-70s. (GRATEFUL DEAD, LED ZEPPELIN, etc.). In 1990, the Group signed a contract with A & M label and released their debut album "Blues Traveler", a year and a half later - "Travelers & Thieves". At this time,Popper was in a serious car accident a few months was excommunicated from the music, and then some time he performed in concerts, sitting in a wheelchair. In April 1993, BLUES TRAVELER released their third album "Save His Soul", which finally hit the charts. "Four" group `s next album initially sold poorly,but that all changed when the band released the single containing the songs from the album and is called Run-Around.It was a resounding success, becoming one of the biggest singles in 1995, stayed on the charts for nearly a year, received the award "Grammy" in the category "the best vocal rock band" and make the album "the Four","Five times platinum." This was followed by the release of "Live From the Fall" double live album (1996). IN 1999, after the release of his solo album, Popper was forced to go to the surgery to angioplasty, as his tortured for months of pain in his chest.Just a few weeks after the successful operation Popper was a tragedy with bass guitarist Shinenom: he was found dead in his home (he died at the age of 31) . However, all this did not stop BLUES TRAVELER,and in May 2001 they took part of his brother Chen Kinchly Ted (Tad Kinchla) (bass) and Ben Wilson (Ben Wilson) (keyboards) released their sixth album, "Bridge", six months later - "live album" "What You and I Have Been Through ", and in 2003 -" Truth Be Told ".


Blues Traveler (A & M, 1990) Travelers & Thieves (A & M,1991) Save His Soul (A & M, 1993) Four (A & M, 1994) Live From the Fall (A & M, 1996) Straight on Till Morning (A & M, 1997) Bridge (Interscope, 2001) Live: What You and I Have Been Through (Artist Direct, 2002) Truth Be Told (Silverline, 2003)

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