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New York fashion brand `Body Gear`, manufactures clothes for men and women, was founded by designer Christian Urquijo (Christiun Urquijo) come from Colombia (Colombia).The concept of the prestigious designer clothing company `Body Gear` consists of the concepts beauty of both sexes, but the boundaries of male and female beauty is not blurred. Sexy Collection brand made its debut at the New York Fashion Week at Mercedes-Benz in September of 2003 mark, received several positive reviews. Today, the brand `Body Gear` - winner of many world-class awards.

Tolerance and the ability to be able to attract the attention - the key components of the company. Urquijo and his team are not afraid to use the free, uninhibited imagery to educate the public about how the world can be varied. Urquijo works only with organic materials of the highest quality, creating clothes which causes voluptuous feeling. The designer makes clothes for all body types, being able to emphasize and enhance the natural attractiveness of each individual. Brand `Body Gear` always find a style ,it is suitable to your lifestyle and suits your interests.

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