Picture of Bomboras

Year of birth : 1994

Age: 21 year

Citizenship : United States


Breaking surf on the scene of Southern California in the summer of 1994,The Bomboras soon identified the standards by which to judge all others.

Unlike many of the other neo-surf bands, The Bomboras brought his passion for classical music surf and trash (The Ventures, The Sonics, The Kingsmen) and culture tiki / hot rod to a new level of intensity. Thus creating a musical hybrid,designated as Up & Up sound, and serves as a reference to the music of The Bomboras and their life style - louder, faster, harder.

Their crazy live performances and wild antics soon has become a local legend. On any given day speech group to appear in suits headhunters of Borneo ,or phosphorescent skeletons or monsters Mexican rebels. In addition to crazy costumes rhythm section The Bomboras in Dave Klein `s face and Shane Van Dyke known fact that sometimes in the heat singeing his tools are not cheap, while guitarists Gregg Hunt and Johnny De Villa is played, and the main Bombora -Jake Cavaliere breathes flames over the heads of the audience. And to pile on each performance around a gang of torque freak go-go girls under psycho groove The Bomboras.

The first album, Savage Island, was recorded in two days and cost a couple of hundred bucks, but that`s it, so to speak, raw production and helped capture a considerable energy group. Over the next four years, came three more albums : Swingin` Singles, It Came From Pier 13 and Organ Grinder.

Summer 1997 The Bomboras signed with Zombie A Go-Go Records, the label founded by one of the most famous American rock monsters by Rob Zombie, and started to work on his most " bashnosnosyaschem " album to date. Following his insane work ethic, they entered the studio of the eighth of August and tumbled from there seven days with his latest musical terror - Head Shrinkin` Fun. Might fuzz guitar on "Land of the One Percenters" and ass-shaking energy "Go-Go Bombora " guys did it again !!! Album Head Shrinkin` Fun (release date 02/06/1998) Zombie A Go-Go proudly unveiled the next step in the ever- expanding world of The Bomboras.

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