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In this post we will focus on the group, which has already become a cult in the West - The Bouncing Souls.This command can not always be distinguished from the other punk rock bands. And not just because of its unusual vocal Greg`a Attonito. ..

Styling is quite interesting, even difficult to clearly give them a precise style. EMO-Rock`n`Roll-BMX-Punk. Nozzles enough here, but those that do not correspond to the usual EMO - more banter and fun ,songs about BMX and dravyva then rife. In total the team has 5 releases Fool Latham - The Good, the Bad and the Argyle, Maniacal Laughter, The Bouncing Souls, Hopeless Romantic, a collection of demos and unreleased - The Bad, the Worse and the Out of Print, How I Sepnt My Summer Vacation and Anchors Aweigh which is scheduled for the end of August.In addition they recorded a split with Anti- Flag`om on BYO rec. who became the 4th in a series of Split (the third was NOFX - Rancid) above mentioned label. And now about the group:

With the end of the 8- year term, not a hot favorite Communists and by the Americans themselves, idiot Reagan, a lot of teams understood the crisis of the genre.

By the late `80s began to appear new ,more apolitical team that gave rise to the second wave of American punk. One of these teams was precisely Bouncing Souls. There was a punk - team in 1989 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where for 5 years and they performed at parties, small gigs with Mesnil teams. It is for them, people flocked to the pubs ,where she performed the team not only in New Brunswick but also in all of New Jersey

And so they followed blindly fashion, until we started writing music, lyrics that would become immediate. Due to the fact that they got the idea from every aspect of their lives ,Their music had no peers at the time and indeed, they have tried to combine all of their styles and texts tended more to the spiritual world of man. Due to this they met with Tim`om Chunks`om, vladeyuschiym Chunksahh rec, and he helped them to make their debut album on the CD -. The Good, the Bad and the Argyle.After recording debut, he made a transcontinental tour. It was very much like the good performances and bad. With their Margie agent tours were quite often, whenever possible. And their 5- year stints in New Brunswick over, their new home was the legendary Hoboken and New York CityLater, with the Bouncing Souls on the phone communicates BYO Rec. (Best Youth Organisatin) from Los Angeles, telling them that BYO interested in signing a contract with them for two records, including the re-release of The Good, the Bad and the Argyle. The team gives a couple of gigs and recording is taken for Maniacal Laughter.

Year 1996 started the tour ,who took over most of the year. During the tour, they get acquainted with bands like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, NOFX, and Descendents. Due to the very successful concerts, they are still at a high level of respect for the masses, as well as gaining respect and above headlining tour. And so,at this time they notice a well-known founder of Epitaph rec. - Guitarist of Bad Religion - Brett Gurewitz (Brett Gurevich for those who do not know) . And in the end, he offers a contract Bouncing Souls. The group decided not to hurry up and go to L.A.,what would look at this rekordingovuyu company (just while BYO was more famous by 7 Seconds). Upon arrival, they realized that this label is perfect for them. Perhaps due to the Epitaph their views on music in some way changed, but can and decided to try something new. And in 1997 on Epitaph rec. titled album comes out. He became less lyrical and melodic, and increased more than the hardcore elements. (But as for me, this album was the best) .

Bouncing Souls moved on and progressed through numerous gigam. Headlined Warped Tour Fesival own tour and Epitaph - Punk-o-Rama Tour.Their old songs became classics of the punk rock and new warmly accepted by the masses. Followers fenv expanded. The group began to spend more time in New York, give a lot of gigs. And the 99 year Epitaph rec. Bouncing Souls Recording New Full Leight CD - Hopeless Romantic. The album was not quite like the previous one ,It was rather more of the first two. Kid song entered the compilation Punk-o-Rama, a Wish Me Well (You Can Go To Hell) has become the most bright and cheerful ballad team.

Beyond that was followed by new rounds and the beginning of the year 2000, the teams were reduced by a drummer, but they quickly, within a month solved this problem. It was the first change in their composition from the time of occurrence of the team. But they did not shake, and they were ready to go to the US tour, Europe, and Australia before the date of a clearly defined summer recording their new album.

album release date was in September and he went under the title How I Spent My Summer Vacation.The group itself says about the release : " simply the best album we `ve ever written. " After the release of Bouncing Souls go on tour in Europe and then Japan with legends Green Day.

In the summer of 2002 out of the old label of the article) is a cover to

Well, at this time, the group prepares for official release album Anchors Aweigh.I have it for about 2 months. The album is really interesting. He seemed to be absorbed whole stilegrafiyu and, if I may say so, emoushngrafiyu group. So, stay tuned.

And in general it is not so, and a lot of bands that are just like Bouncing Souls are interested in their (in most philosophical and psychological) texts of all aspects of human life -about love, sorrow, fate, and personal freedom. And for this command in the text never meet poshlyatiny stupid (like NOFX, Frenzal Rhomb, etc.) . .. if there banter, only intelellktualny and witty

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