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Residents of the sunny city of Los Angeles Luis, Cregg and Scott were friends with deep childhood ,with the first two is still almost a period of diapers. Together, they are constantly engaged in a variety of bad stories, but sometimes still found the time to do something useful.

So, by 1990, Scott mastered basuhu, Luis tried the guitar almost all the material "Slayer" and "Metallica", and Cregg was very much against poorat into the microphone. Then-That the latter and there was an obsession to collect a full team to tell the world about their teenage anguish and agony.

The plan implemented by means of a common friend, who was jailed for drums. The band played at parties and enjoy life as long as the drummer has not announced his departure to another team. The rest of the guys it`s not very pleased, and to the selection of new colleagues, they are now approached more carefully.

Boy hits carPodav classified "Drummer wanted" in the local newspapers, they have started to endless auditions. In the end, the guys got lucky and fell on their heads a talented self-taught Michael, already tried themselves in various bands. It happened in February 2003, and that`s when it started counting the existence of "Boy hits car". The guys wrote songs and performed with them in the local clubs. However, since the musicians of principle they were not willing to pay for their performances (and on the Los Angeles-based club scene there is such a "tradition") , but they stood out the worst possible time for the sets.Despite this "Boy hits car" continued to play and play, and slowly people began to walk on them.

In the spring of 1995 a demo with the songs of the group got into one of the agencies that took the team to organize the first six-week tour of the country. The next two years have been busy writing new songs, training demos ,infrequent concerts and tours. Finally in 1997, the group signed to his one tiny and very independent label, was released in May 1998 their debut album "My animal".

Boy hits carLeybl was indeed an "independent " (ie, do not depend on it) because did not organize any promotion drive. The result - the disastrous sale and termination of the contract within two weeks after the album release. The situation somewhat discouraging children, but they did not give up and continued business as believed in their music. Long and hard work began to bear fruit - in 1999 on the "Boy hits car" began to pay attention to reputable record company ,and finally a contract from the "Wind-up records" was obtained in January 2000.

The label immediately loaded group on a tour in the company of "System of a down", "Incubus", "Papa Roach" and "Mr. Bungle". This was a major breakthrough for "Boy hits car", as the audience in 3 people in 3000 and something still different. Gain experience communicating with the audience ,"Boy hits car" for the next year was given a complete self-titled album, full of melodies, heavy riffs and hardcore enthusiasm.

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Boy Hits Car picture
Boy Hits Car photo
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