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BiographyIn the process of the revival of the vocal group R & B and studio "Motown records" the leading role belongs to the group "Boyz II Men" (their second album titled "Boyz II Men II" went on sales in the first place in the history of the studio) .

During the first half of 1997, more than thirty million albums have been sold worldwide.Besides "Boyz" won numerous awards, not to mention the hearts of their fans.

The history of "Boyz II Men" begins in 1988 at the High School of Performing Arts Philadelphia, where Shawn Stockman, Uanya Morris, Nate Morris (a relative of the Unknown) and Mike McCarey first discovered ,that the combined sound of their four voices is much more lively and interesting than individually. In addition to school, they honed their skills at street corners and on subway platforms, flaunting itself as the " Unique Attraction " ("Unique Attraction").

With the firm belief that they will be able to start a professional career ,as soon as they hear the right person, the children took part in the show in the Civic Center (Civic Center) Philadelphia, where he was to attend their idol Michael Bivins (best known for "New Edition" and "Bel Biv Devoe"). They found him and persuaded to listen to the song "Can You Stand the Rain" performed " a cappella ". Among the audience of this impromptu attended by Paula Abdul, Cherrelle, Keith Sweat and Kid "n Play. Bivins was definitely impressed by their singing and gave them my phone number. Once they have it quite tired, Bivins became their manager and made for them contract with the studio "Motown". In addition, he suggested that they change their name ,and "Unique Attraction" turned into "Boyz II Men" (the title "New Edition" from the album "Heartbreak" group song).

Debut album re- baptized the group "Boyz II Men" was released in May 1991, the name "Cooleyhighharmony" is derived from the 1975 comedy "Cooley High". Very soon, the group won the radio waves ,and by July of their first single "Motownphilly" came in third place with Billboard lists.

The second single, a remake of the song "It" s So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday " (comedy soundtrack " Cooley High "), by October came in second mesto.Na today only in the United States sold more than seven million copies.

In 1992 ,only began to subside a little excitement around "Cooleyhighharmony", came the film Eddie Murphy`s " Boomerang " ("Boomerang") with the "End of the Road" song performed by "Boyz II Men". The single peaked at the first position thirteen weeks, breaking the 11 -week record of Elvis Presley with his song "Don" t be Cruel / Hound Dog " (1956) . Record group was defeated a few months later, Whitney Houston, whose sentimental melody of "I Will Always Love You" has held the top position fourteen weeks. But it seemed "Boyz II Men" destined to occupy and hold its first place : in 1994, the group with the single "I" ll Make Love to You " overcomes 14-week line, and the next year a collaboration with Maria Carey`s "One Sweet Day" keeps the top position for 16 weeks.

In October 1993, he released the album "Christmas Interpretations", which brought together traditional and original Christmas songs. Their version of "Let It Snow" for a week has risen to 32 seats in the first ,and the album became a hit in the top twenty. At the time of release of the album "Boyz II Men II" in September 1994 performers acquired image of the poster boys for a new era of music R & B. Their magnificent vocals made an excellent alternative choral performance low poshiba group "Milli Vanilli" light-skinned and rap artists from "Vanilla Ice"And their appearance and demeanor have made them permanent teen idols. Various publications competed in describing the nature of the four singers : Uanya usually characterized as a very active person ; Nate - in the opinion of journalists, serious ; Sean has a gentle nature ; and Mike became known as the Barry White of his generation. But his stage role of the performers themselves were divided : Mike " Bass " McCarey, Uanya " Chatterbox " Morris, Shawn " Slim " Stockman, Nate " Alexander Vanderpool " Morris (the name of the protagonist favorite soap opera Morris) .

Album "Boyz II Men II" was recorded in the studio "Granny" s House "(" Grandma`s House ") , located in the southwestern desert. The group tried to record an album at home in Philadelphia, but soon discovered that friends, family and neighbors so tear them away from the case, nothing can be done.

The first single from the album "I Will Make Love To You" (a collaboration with Babyface) spent 14 weeks in the first position. Then, the second single "On Bended Knee" (a collaboration with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis) led the top ten and stayed there for 6 weeks. And again, "Boyz" record breaking : two songs from the same album, released in succession to the first position - is able to very few, the chosen musicians : Elvis Presley and "Beatles".The album debuted in the United States under the first number. This studio success "Motown" not reached since 1976 (Stevie Wonder album "Songs in the Key of Life"). In the first four months the world has sold more than six million copies, and then gradually only in the US sales accounted for more than 11 million copies. After "Boyz II Men II" album followed in November 1995. "The Remix Collection". They included the composition "Vibin" with additional vocals Treach, Craig Mack, Busta Rhymes and Method Man. In third place came the song of "LL Cool J" with backing vocals "Boyz II Men". The impressive success of hit-parades and a huge sales anticipated the flow of music awards of the highest standard : Grammy, American Music, Soul Train and NAACP Image. "Boyz II Men" performed before Pope John Paul II during his visit to the US in 1995. They also sang the national anthem at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. That same year, the group entered the Hall of Fame Philadelphia.

Before proceeding to the next album "Boyz" made year and a half break. To say that they did nothing is impossible: all bought at the big house and spend time with their families; They also built around Philadelphia his recording studio "Stone Greek".Stockman has carried out a solo project with the song "Visions of a Sunset" (the soundtrack to "Mr.Holland" s Opus "). Nate Morris opened a hair salon in the style of " unisex " in Philadelphia, called " Morris "International Styling".

To further their work buoyed many, including Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.As a result, "Evolution" released their next album in September 1997. 10 of 13 compositions written yourself vocalists, although the first single, " 4 Seasons of Loneliness" and was created by Jim Lewis. Co-author of three songs - "Come On", "I Can" t Let Her Go "," To the Limit "- has become ubiquitous Sean" Puffy "Combs." Boyz " immortalized times " Unique Attraction ",including a version "Can You Stand the Rain" a cappella, a song that first caught the attention of Michael Bivins. It remains only to observe what records will be beaten "Boyz" at this time.

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