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It is naive to name - calling The Bravery (" Courage ," " Courage " -who like more) came up for his team its current frontman Sam Endicott (Sam Endicott), when the band was not yet in sight, and the frontman, he could consider himself only hypothetically.

But even then he knew that if he wants to achieve something in life, you have to forget about fear and cowardice. He forgot -and achieved, if not all, many had dreamed. Debuting on the stage in the summer of 2003 and is still failing to get any one album, The Bravery produced unusually strong impression on muzindustrii professionals. According to more than a hundred music critics, DJs and program directors of radio stations surveyed in 2004, the BBC News, the channel ,disco rockers The Bravery headed the list of the most promising groups of 2005, which show business holds the greatest hope. Previous winners in the poll became Keane and 50 Cent.

For Sam Endicott this brave story begins on the shores of one of the Italian resorts ,where the young American tourist suffered a heartbreaking question - what does devote the rest of his life. Behind Sam, an obscure New York bass player, he was already an impressive experience of playing in several rock bands. Every time it started so vigorously and so equally disappointing ended. From childhood he was a loner ,He had no friends, he was not among the school leaders, without singling out any progress in their studies or sports achievements. He did not have anyone to play along, but people believe he also learned not to. From Milwaukee native, he arrived in New York in the hope of new opportunities for self-realization. After several years of ordeal, Sam realized ,that will have to take the reins in their own hands and to decide all questions. What he was engaged in early 2003. He was not embarrassed a complete lack of experience - and managerial, and the composer and vocal. One day he decided that he should not be afraid of anything and stop at nothing. And followed this principle. Creating The Bravery dates from the beginning of 2003. The founding fathers of the group began to Sam Endicott and keyboardist John Conway (John Conway). Sam and John met at New York`s Art College Vassar College - Both attended the same class of electronic music. However, the first group of them Skabba The Hut (later renamed El Conquistador) was not associated with the electronics - the musicians played ska punk : Sam - bass, John - the saxophone. At the beginning of 2003 to the friends joined guitarist Michael Zakarin (Michael Zakarin), and soon led his friend bassist Mike Eycha (Mike H).Drummer Burulchich Anthony (Anthony Burulcich) was introduced to Sam Endicott one of mutual friends. Each of the " brave " has managed to stand out in one or two young American groups. The matter was only the name, but Sam had several options in store. As a result, all converged on The Bravery."This name is connected with the atmosphere of New York after the terrorist attacks of 2001 - explains his choice of Sam Endicott. - People are always waiting for that to happen something bad. I decided to create a group to make sure that it is not a feeling of fear engulfed me completely. Here`s how to explain our name - to stand with our heads held high and not be afraid. "Interestingly, at the beginning of The Bravery saw themselves as punk rock stars. However, thanks to the efforts of John Conway, an enthusiast of analog keyboards, the development team went a completely different way. " It was he who drew me to the analog keyboards - confirms Sam. - I began to think how it would be cool to collect a group that would be returned to the pure spirit of rock `n`roll. I wanted people to come to our shows and went, charge even more energy. And how to achieve this in a way that is not used never before? Answer - electronic music. Now there are a lot of synthesizer devices, so cheap that you can use them in your own garage, along with guitars and drums. Even with dermovenkim Mac`om you can create a whole new world of sounds. I like to think of it as a future garage rock ".

According to Sam Endicott, the most powerful influence on the music of The Bravery have such heroes 90 as Fugazi and Jawbox, whose style is difficult to obtain the name of post-hardcore, as well as " classics " - Beatles and The Clash.Not without the New York electroclash movement. Now criticism is often compared to The Bravery with various British bands 80, from The Smiths and ending with Duran Duran. Sam can not agree with this, saying that in the style of The Bravery is very little British influence. "I do not know anything about The Smiths, -Sam confessed in an interview. - I remember only one song - one in which the cat could be heard, and that`s all. "

Getting down to business, Endicott well represented his goal - to save pop music. Neither more nor less. According to him, the modern broadcast radio and music television in the 99 % overrun by things that you can listen to with the same success ,that ordinary air conditioning, and many have a very good group engaged only in order to impress the circle of his admirers. However, the idea of salvation of popular music can live together in the minds of Endicott with banal thirst for glory. "When the actor says he does not want to see in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans ,he simply lied - said Endicott. - There`s nothing funnier than this. Nothing. We are only beginning to act in such places, which give a full reel feel what it is. "

The first performance of The Bravery was held in July 2003, in the Brooklyn club Stinger. That summer the band were invited to give a series of concerts at the prestigious institution Arlene Glossery - then do not complain about the lack of attention from the audience.

The direction of musical development was ustakanilos with "Tyrant" singles record - to work on it for the first time used electronics. Track visitors so liked the club, in which the group presented its track what they called the musicians for an encore six times in a row. Rest of the year the band spent in the club whirlwind, not forgetting about recording a demo version of their debut album. The release was preceded by EP "Unconditional", in which, besides the title track ,It includes the aforementioned "Tyrant" and "Out Of Line".

Record full-length album "The Bravery" cost the musicians only 7 thousand dollars (which by today`s bloated budgets - mere penny) . The musicians, however, had to tinker, to collect such amount, but the result exceeded all expectations. Shortly after the release of the demorecording and club tour to The Bravery formed a queue from different labels. The right to work with the musicians got Island Def Jam.

Even before the band signed a contract with the label, the active rotation on radio hit song "An Honest Mistake", which for some reason I immediately saw homosexual overtones.The Bravery is really popular among gay men, but say that adhere to traditional sexual orientation. "An Honest Mistake" dedicated to my ex-girlfriend, with whom I met many years, - says Sam Endicott. - After that terrible day, 11 September, we were so scared and devastated, they decided to legalize their relationship- In the manner of complacency, or something. .. A few months later, I realized that we made a mistake. So I lost my close friend. The song is dedicated to her - as an excuse. "

" But what we are popular among gay men - continues to Sam - then perhaps they like our image. It`s funny, because I never thought that it happened.We have never identified themselves to the glamorous group. We spend a lot of time to music and tried to make good songs as much as they can be. Nothing wrong with that, to have their own style, as long as there is also the essence. "

When released full-length album "The Bravery", in March 2005, it seemed ,Every self-respecting music publication considered it my duty to respond to his appearance. Responses were usually enthusiastic character. Magazine "The Village Voice" The Bravery announced following the New York sensation, MTV channel and the magazine "Rolling Stone" called them the most promising young artists.Make loyalty journalistic assessments thousands of American music lovers were able to in the spring of 2005, when The Bravery toured the United States with the first headlining tour for a couple with Ash group. Apparently, the experience turned out to be the most favorable, because the album finished at number 18 in the US Billboard 200 ranking. On the other side of the ocean drive has reached the 5th place in the British charts, and lit up in the Top 100 of the consolidated European pop charts. Reviewers continued to compare the music of The Bravery with records of Duran Duran, The Smiths, The Cure and New Order, and the voice of Endicott -with vocals by Robert Smith (Robert Smith) and Julian Casablancas (Julian Casablancas) from The Strokes, that did not prevent them sincerely admire the " great dialogue among the new wave of the 80s and modern rock, rock of the 21st century " and praise " exciting revival of a new wave of new millennium. "This excellent result on the first try was all the more surprising that it is not accustomed to trust nothing and no one, Sam Endicott throughout the creative process rather only rely on their own strength. The bulk of the pre- entries he made in his home studio producing tracks worked absolutely independently,not to mention their writing. Moreover, even the design of the CD cover and shooting video clips the band took over.

One of the successes of The Bravery can be considered a memorable video for the song "An Honest Mistake", released a single on April 14th. Director of a roller has become Michael Palmieri, who built on the idea of using dominoes. " We were all in Amsterdam, when TV was the World Championship on building constructions of dominoes - Lord, we just could not tear myself away from the screen ! When we arrived in London, our minds were still absorbed in it. We spoke with a couple of directors and found a guy who more than once became the winner domino championship - he helped us. The idea worked, because the video has attracted a lot of attention. Jay-Z, for example, called it the best video white guys he had ever seen ! "- Says Anthony Burulchich.

The world tour that The Bravery supported the album, swept across dozens of countries. The team was not limited by standard routes.In addition to extensive touring in the United States, The Bravery gave several concerts in Europe, looked to South America, get to Australia, toured Japan, South Korea and Singapore. The new album is reported to the musicians, we can expect no earlier than the fall of 2006. ..

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