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Brazzaville - is blossoming LosVIA Angeles, for four years now engaged in elegiac pop music.

Brazzaville - is blossoming LA VIA, for four years now engaged in elegiac pop music. In Brazzaville amazingly beautiful, quiet, intellectually stimulating songs bearing the brunt of several exotic - from Brazilian bossa-new to the clatter of the Caribbean. They vividly something Portuguese, Japanese and sometimes looks askance, certainly there is something purely blues- American. Note here that it is practicing strict Brazzaville couplet - pripevnye works, and not many minutes on the sound landslides electron- ethnic. These are the songs, Around the World ,laden with a strong and distinct male sadness - something Gumilevsky even through them. And once we touched poets - Alexander Sokolov, I remember about these revelations cosmopolitan wrote: " And while Libya perished in the dust, the Netherlands flew on skates. "

The many faces of the American dream Brazzaville - a journey around the world in 80 songs.Their beauty raspevno able to cater to absolutely everything : great compositional game, streamlined sound rich, golden tones, accordion, flute, violin, trumpet, harmonica, tambourine. Blooming complexity of exotic harmonies, beautiful clarity subordinate American songraytinga - this is Brazzaville.The latest record begins like a good book - from childhood memories and ends up as a good movie - prolonged noise of the sea. I must say that the ensemble in his nomadic melancholy became a divinely restrained and accurate - some sluggish Gotan Project on the background seems to be simply irresponsible weakling. Exotics in Brazzaville took not from the ceiling, a recording studio. This luxury group founded in 1998 by former saxophonist David Beck Brown, who in his life, it seems, did nothing that moved - in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Nepal, Japan, somewhere else. Other participants of the Brazzaville - such as flyers. Many wandered ,and we played a lot : one with Waits, who with Lou Reed, and who - at least with Cibo Matto. And their new album - a look traveler Voyager. Under the thrill of nylon strings conducted unhurried sensual stories about Indonesian goddesses barricades in Genoa, ships from Taiwan and cocaine in Paris. In the songs a little bit of Brazzaville ,that difficult "sightseeing" word of English was called in textbooks. No tours, no sights, no special obsession ethnography. In their songs, the world is small, constrained to the size of the hotel room : " I`m lying on the floor and try to get to sleep, and I think about those days, when there was something more to life ,than Xanax three hours turn on the TV "Any bias in any ethnic music - is, in fact, an extension of claims to the listener :. greatly beloved, understand, study, give money Brazzaville absolutely nothing does not require general, he created for people who are curious walks by.. foreign country prefer muddy look out the window. After all, when you wake up at night in a hotel far far-away country, that elusive feeling that you are not at home, coming to you from the prospectus from the bedside table and not from foreign bottles with him also, and directly from the air of the dark. This feeling, in fact, devoted to the game Brazzaville. This was his quiet voice ,sadly singing about the fact that " there is no future, there is only the sound of a helicopter. "

And finally - a fact useless but nice. When we are going to shoot a sequel of the film " Casablanca ", thought to call it " Brazzaville ".

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